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AirCTO Interview

Borrow top engineers and technocrats
to conduct 1:1 tech interviews with your candidates

AirCTO Interview

What does AirCTO Interview do?


Offers on-demand


interview scheduling


interview report

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Why AirCTO Interview?

Know how AirCTO makes your interviewing process super efficient

Save developer's time

Saves 100s of hours of your dev team spent in interviewing unqualified candidates

No false positive

A stringent interview process which filters out only the best candidates,not the good enough ones

Recorded calls

Complete audio/video recording of the interview for making an informed hiring decision

Un-biased opinion

Get each candidate vetted based on his tech-expertise and alignment with your job role

Coding test

A stringent real-time coding test to test a candidate’s implementation skills of the theoretical knowledge

Zero Spoofing

Closely monitored interviews by the experts with follow-up questions preventing any chance of spoofing

Some of our interviewers

What customer say

“I was looking for a tech hiring support when a friend suggested me to use AirCTO. AirCTO has definitely added value to my hiring process. The technical assessments were conducted by industry experts very quickly and efficiently”
Ranjit Bhatia Founder & CEO, Remedico