Shortlist Resumes

The easiest way to browse through resumes and shortlist them based on your criteria.

How it works?


Browse through resumes using custom parameters for skills, companies, degree, colleges, locations, work experience and coding skills of the candidates.


Our system picks up the must-have skills from a job which you have selected and performs a direct search within a pool of already uploaded resumes. If the job skills are not present within a resume then it looks for all the related skills of that job within a resume.


Our system helps you to zero down the candidates who has worked with top companies and with larger teams like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc.

Colleges & Degrees

Our system helps you to find the candidates who went to top colleges like IIT, NIT etc. You can also shortlist the candidates based on their education like B.Tech, MS etc.


Based on the selected job location, you can search through the resumes to find candidates whose current location matches with the job location.

Work experience

We extract and map the candidate's total number of work experience. So, based on the required year of experience for a job, our system helps you to search candidates who matches the required number of work experience for a job.

Coding score

Our system extracts the digital footprints of the candidate on sites like Github, Stackoverflow, Bitbucket, iTunes and Play store (if the links are available in the resume) and calculates score based on their contribution, activity and reputation on these sites.

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