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Preparation before the interview call

The moment an interview is scheduled, our expert gets an email with detail on the job profile and resume with masked personal details. This helps our expert to get to know the candidate's work experience and the job requirement beforehand.

Job Profile

Every job profile shared by our customer consists of Must-have and Good to have skills. Our expert prepares a set of questions based on the job profile.


Our expert does a thorough study of the candidate's resume and gauge the possible strength and weakness of the candidate.


Medium of the interview

We have got our own sophisticated Phone and Video calling system in place which records every conversation during the interview. Every interview that we conduct goes through our system with a high level of security.

Phone Call

Our expert initiates a telephonic conference call through a click of a button. This triggers a call to our expert and the candidate and puts them on a conference call which gets fully recorded (we're using Knowlarity API to achieve this).

Video Call

Before an interview, we share a video call link with our expert and the candidate through an email. Both the parties need to initiate the video call through our interface at the scheduled time. The entire video call gets recorded (we're using the Tokbox API to achieve this).


During the interview

Our experts gauge the candidate's knowledge on various parameters. It starts with vetting the Must-have and Good to have skills, followed by a coding test with a focus on the additional skills.

Coding test

Good to have skills

Must-have skills

Additional skills

Must-have skills

These skills (technologies) are the focal point of the interview. Utmost importance is paid to these skill set by the experts during the interview. Our expert throws theortical as well as practical questions to the candidate on all the must have skills with many follow-up questions.

Good to have skills

Our expert vets if the candidate has some ideas on these skills and also if he is willing to learn them further. The process of vetting these skills remains as the must have but the final recommendation doesn't get impacted by these skills.

Coding test

Our expert conducts an implementation test during the interview on certain questions and where ever it is required to validate if the candidate just knows things theoritically or can do the implementation.

Additional skills

Apart from Must-have and Good to have skills, we have made Cognitive, Communication and Problem solving skills as default for every interview. So, our expert rates every candidate on these skills.


Interview report

Our recommendation on each candidate is based on how the candidate performed during the interview process. We share a very comprehensive report on the candidate's technical abilities.

Candidate performance ratings

Our experts share their feedback on each Must-have, Good to have and Additional skills of a candidate. The rating is divided into four categories: Poor, Average, Good and Excellent for each skills.

Final Recommendation

The final recommendation is based on how the candidate performed on Must-have and Good to have skills. If the candidate knows 80-90% of the Must-have skills and is average on the Good to have skills then it is marked as a Good fit otherwise it is considered as a Bad fit.

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