India’s first AI Chatbot for HR Phone screening





Our Chatbot integrates through Facebook Messenger, Skype and Webchat to communicate with your candidates seamlessly. We will launch integrations for Whatsapp, Telegram et al very soon.

Supercharge your hiring team

Automation & Speed

Helps you get 10x more done than a human can do.

Puts your entire process of phone screening on auto-pilot

Saves upto 100 hours of recruiter’s time in a month, spent in filtering candidates

Helps in screening large volume of candidates in no time with 100% accuracy


Chatbot intelligently connects with your candidates to know them well

Asks smart, precise and real-time follow-up questions to your candidates

Offers personalized touch to each candidate better than a human

Helps you maintain 100% consistency with each candidates

Structured data

No more headache of maintaining each phone screening records

Processes your candidates' raw responses and converts it into meaningful data

Offers a seamless way to filter candidates based on the candidates' response

Gets you comprehensive insights on each candidate before you talk to them

It's time to say NO to manual HR phone screening

Team AirCTO has opened up the beta version of HR Chatbot. Please request an access today to avail some exciting offers.