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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions from companies before they signup for Aircto

  • What is aircto?

    Aircto help companies in vetting the technical skills of the candidates by conducting one-on-one interview by our hand-picked experts before they hire them.

  • How does a typical interview process work?

    Our experts start by asking basic questions to the candidates which is required for the job. They drill them with many follow-up questions on the technical skills of the candidates for the position you’re hiring. It goes on for around 20 mins to more than an hour. Sometimes, the candidates are so weak that the interview doesn’t last for more than 20 minutes, and sometimes the candidates are so talented that the interviews continues till over an hour.

    Our experts get the candidate through various implementations on various programming concepts with real-time coding exercise. Moreover, the experts look for the passion for programming within the candidates. This helps a lot to understand if the candidate is willing to learn new things considering the fact that the technical stack changes often at organisation.

  • How do you vet the experts when you on-board them?

    We have hand picked these experts based on various parameters like their open source contributions, Stackoverflow karma and the years of experience. Some of the experts have worked with companies like Amazon and Yahoo! They engage with us on a part time basis.

  • How is it different from any programming challenges websites?

    Online programming tests tools are awesome product to check the candidate's skills. But, what happens is that the same candidate who writes awesome code in the tests, when interviewed by us, turned out to be blank.

    We strongly believe, a one-on-one interview with the candidate can reveal his skills rather than some coding tests where there is a always the loophole of spoofing. Though, we agree that Tests are mostly about testing the candidate’s commitment towards the job, gives before-hand code quality.

  • Can I have a glimpse of the questions which you would like to ask?

    Sure. We can share some topics which we would cover based on the job description. But, our interview questions are personalized with subsequent follow-up questions that are spontaneous in nature and which happens real-time based on how the candidate responds during the interview.

  • What is your pricing?

    Our pricing differs according to the years of experience of the candidate.

    • For entry level (0-1 year), it costs 899 INR per interview
    • For mid-level (2-4 years), it costs 1399 INR per interview
    • For mid-level (5-10 years), it costs 2499 INR per interview

    For bulk interviews, please get in touch with us for details.

  • Got it. How do I get started?

    Great. You can get started by requesting a demo. Our team will get in touch with you ASAP. Thanks.