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Case Study: Toppr

How Toppr improved its hiring processs with AirCTO.

Toppr is an online education platform that helps students with the preparation of various competitive and school examinations. Topper believes in the concept of hiring only the best. But to get the right candidate in the team, we had to put our engineer’s shoulder to the wheel, which we truly wanted to avoid. In hour of need, Aircto came to the rescue and helped us in getting the right hire in our engineering team.

The Goal

Toppr has a very specific requirement. We need developers with strong command in algorithms and databases. Thus, we need to have an another layer of filtration in the first round of interviews, that should give us only the talented pool of candidates for the final interviews with our engineering team. Also, we require the comprehensive feedback report that contains all useful data of each interview so that our hiring managers could easily make decision on the final hire.


Hires in a month


New layer of filter


Improvement in identifying the right talent

The Challenges

We don't want our engineers being involved in the first layer of interview, as it unnecessary demands their significant number of productive hours. It becomes a horrendous task for us to evaluate the candidate by just going through the resume, as we couldn’t evaluate them properly. As a result, only 40 percent of all the interviewed candidates could clear the very first round of interview. We realised that the majority of our engineers time was being wasted in interviewing unqualified candidates.

The Results

The engineer's time spent on interview has been changed drastically. If we were to interview all those candidates then it would have been very difficult for us. Aircto has helped us double check the iOS and Android candidates, which directly helped engineers and hiring managers who would normally take first round of interview. Now we only have to interview potential candidates, which ultimately saves a lot of efforts and time of our engineers.


Hired talented candidates in a month


Provided strong layer of filter


Improvement in identifying the right talent

Rohan Khadatkar
Hiring Manager, Toppr

Aircto is solving a real problem for high growth startups. Hiring is top priority and gaining speed on quality interviewing is mission critical for success. Aircto helps with speed, quality and objectiveness. Super stuff!

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