Writers around the world, never get tired of announcing their 'How to' articles. We should all be aware that the term "How to" is one of the most searched terms in google. Google knows a lot about us more than us. The question is are we asking the right kind of how-to questions?

Don’t hire people for what they know, hire them for what they can learn.

This world is full of whatever you can imagine. If you are of the opinion it is full of worse, then worse it is. Optimism! people, a bit of it every day would extend your lifespan and you will get extra-quality as free.

The average intelligence of people has definitely gone up by miles from the 18th century. There are great people out there looking for offers to compare, but the monoculars we use are not good enough to sight them.

Successful companies follow a very rigorous process to find and pick their best talent. Google, Microsoft, Apple etc., have resources of their own who can work at the top level to attract the top talent.

So what do they have in common that can be emulated by the other wanna be tech-giants?

The winning mentality

If you don't have it please don't waste time searching for people who do, as they would probably leave you as soon as they find out.

Anyone knows Google's beginning? When they started, Larry and Sergey, they had Yahoo ahead of them and a professor laughing.

They could have stayed mediocre and retained a pretty decent status as a startup. But they had the mentality of being the best or nothing. That brought them here. It is not by chance somebody makes it to the top.

I want to be either somebody or nobody. I don't want to be anybody - Ruskin Bond

I have etched this quote on my heart and I ask myself the same question every day, am, I somebody? Hire somebody or nobody but don't hire anybody. Change your strategy or wait for the right fit.

Napolean took the crown off the streets when no one wanted it, he made it through opportunity and not luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Luck is the effect and not the cause of any process whatsoever in the world.

So what exactly one can do to enable hiring the best? There was a conference on this topic by Massachusetts entrepreneurs and we have picked some of the key points discussed in the conference below.

1. Bill recommended the “beer test”

In conversing with the candidate, can you imagine having to talk to the person for more than 5 minutes over a beer? If not, the fit probably isn’t right for your business.

2. Stop asking questions

What?! yes you need to stop asking questions just to know the candidate's ability of answering them. Let the candidate ask the questions and you get to pick the one who asks the best of the questions. Something which is not happening in the interviewsphere I guess. Changes take time and good changes take a lot of time.

3. Top talents don't just apply online

They have to be searched through contacts, colleagues, friends and more of your magical wands. But there are many just waiting for the right door to be unlocked.

Chamath Palihapitiya - founder of The Social+ Capital Partnership and a former Facebook employee, believes there are 10 core values that make an employee worth hiring.

Here are the values, he lists as core:

  1. Very high IQ
  2. Strong sense of purpose
  3. Relentless focus on success
  4. Aggressive and competitive
  5. High-quality bar bordering on perfectionism
  6. Likes changing and disrupting things
  7. New ideas on how to do things better
  8. High integrity
  9. Surrounds themselves with good people
  10. Cares about building real value (over perception)

Be sure you define this question well, What is best according to you?. A guy without a why will cease to exist sooner or later.

Keep the door open for the best hire, both you will meet someday and that day will be grand because of your meeting.