Do you know your past can tell a lot about your work performance? The title you held and the decisions you took in the part of your career journey reveal a lot more than a simple interview. There are some methods that employers could follow to predict the performance of the candidate in the future. Lets hop on the ride to discover the mantras to unveil the strategies to achieve the same.

Look at the sustainability at previous firms

The duration the candidate has worked in former companies tells a lot about the candidate. It is always beneficial to have an eye for detail when you go through the resume. Take notice of number of jobs the candidate had in the past 1-2 years. If you detect the number falls in the range of 2-3 or more, then it is a cautionary sign that the candidate has inclination towards frequently switching between jobs.

Responsibilities in the previous job

Making the bridge between the responsibilities that your candidate had in the past and the job role that he is giving interview for gives a very insightful data. If the former responsibilities are well aligned with the present one then you could sit back and relax, because your half job is done when you get the relevant information on work pattern. Particularly, pay attention to the kind of role your candidate had held in the past.

Ask yourself if your candidate has the qualification to held those responsibilities. The answer to this question would tell you if your candidate has piled up the stack of exaggerated facts. For example, being an senior iOS developer certainly calls for a good command over Objective-C. If you think the candidate has a poor hand on Objective-C then there is no way he could have held that senior position in the past.

Team player or prefer to work alone

Teamwork is highly regarded by companies, a person who is more interactive and play well along with the team members should be your best bet. Working alone is okay if someone is a freelancer, but being a loner and working in a company just doesn’t go hand in hand. Also, probe to determine whether the candidate had demonstrated respect for other employees in the past.

Reason to leave the previous job

There could be umpteen reasons behind leaving the job. Ask your candidate about the specific reason to say goodbye to his/her previous company. You must make sure to ask the same question to the employers as well. There could be chances that your candidate may be pretending with intent to deceive.

Boomerang candidates

You must imagine a situation where your candidate is a boomerang employee, which means the employee who rejoins the company after a substantial period of time. If you would decide to rehire the candidate, then just believe in your gut instincts and make your decision based on the data you get from other interview round.

Attendance record

If the candidate takes off half the time of week then sure enough, he/she would repeat the same pattern in your organisation too. Hence, it becomes really important to ask for the previous attendance record of the candidate.