Remote interview - It is the future of traditional face to face interviews. But, under all the limelight of this futuristic approach, there are some hidden problems that many interviewers do not know. We at Aircto have shared our real time struggle in conducting one to one remote interviews and how we have found the solution to each one of them.

Giving pause in answers

Search engines are like magic box. Ask them about anything and they give myriad number of information in return. Indeed, these software systems have endless potential to offer abundance knowledge within a fraction of a second. But, they could also portray a helping resource for a candidate who has an intention to cheat in the interview. This is the major issue in remote interviews. Fortunately, there are some strategies that could prevent the candidate to google in search of answers to questions in the interview.

If your candidate takes a pause of 30-40 seconds to give answer to your each question then it is quite likely that he/she might be searching for the answers on Google. If you sense this situation in the interview then your best course would be to change the question immediately.

Don’t lose temper if candidate gets aggressive

Aggression and hostile behavior could bring plenty of problems in personal and professional life. Speaking of remote interviews, it is truly important for Hiring manager to prevent any conflicting situation in the interview. There is a possibility that the candidate may get offended from the question of the interviewer or from some other personal reasons. Hence, interviewer must make sure to keep his calm because it could be a quite problematic state of affairs if the interviewer loses his temper and go off the deep end. After-all, it is the matter of reputation of the company.

The probability of this particular situation is relatively high, especially when the candidate is interviewing for a senior position. Any question that has the potential to hurt the dignity of the interviewee should be avoided.

Candidate won’t pick up the phone

Imagine a situation where you have scheduled a remote interview over a call between the interviewer and the candidate. You call the candidate for the scheduled interview and all you could hear is perpetual sound of ringtone. Then your available last resort is to reschedule the interview, which itself is a cumbersome process. The whole interview process gets affected because of unavailability of the candidate. It is worthy of note that the similar situation in the face to face interview would result in opportunity loss to the candidate.

Remote interviews indeed give some flexibility to the candidates, but comprising on the interview process should not be tolerated. Accountability has to be held by the candidate in case he/she are not available for the scheduled call. There could be umpteen reason for the unavailability, but it is a simple courtesy to inform the interviewer or company some days or even a day before the scheduled call so that the interview process goes in a smooth manner.

Candidate gets nervous in between the interview

Every interviewer has come across number of candidates who get nervous with the interview environment. It is the job of interviewer to relax the candidate, because you possibly could not get the enough information out of a nervous candidate. It is of outstanding significance to give your interviewee a sense of openness in the remote interview. The whole point of conducting interview is to know the potential and skills of the candidate, but all the efforts would blow up in the face if the candidate is unable to give relevant information which is required to know his/her ability.