Do you inadvertently intimidate candidates? Do your gestures and facial expressions put across signs of boredom, frustration and arrogance? Did you just hire the wrong candidate?

These are a few questions that a hiring manager needs to ponder upon and introspect. A candidate looks for a few virtues in the interviewer, just as a manager seeks certain qualities in the candidate. These traits are more related to the temperament and behavior of the hiring manager.

Well, before the hiring manager goes in for that formal conversation called interview, it is essential that he/she is poised, calm and composed. Only if the manager is at ease can he keep the candidate at ease. Have you ever thought how it would feel when you see a baby crying in pain and how different and happy you would feel when the same kid is gleefully playing? Similarly, even in a chaotic situation if we have inner peace, we can spread the vibrations of peace which can help reduce the turbulence even in the minds of people around us. A few minutes of meditation daily helps remain calm during any situation.

An interview process can be time-consuming and exhausting. You cannot afford to go into the room tired and stressed out. It could lead to bad judgments and hiring of the wrong candidate. But a tempestuous mind with furious thoughts drains away all the energy leaving you completely exhausted, frustrated and upset. This commotion will be apparent inside the interview room and will reflect on your body language, words and actions. Meditation and yoga help the mind to jump off from the misery of turbulence into the bliss of tranquility. It imparts peace and stillness to the mind which reflects in every aspect of your personality.

Yoga helps release the stress that is accumulated in your mind and body thus, making you feel fresh and vibrant. It helps enhance the awareness, and the mind becomes totally attentive to the moment. When the mind is alert, results are perfect, and mistakes don’t happen.

Just like the candidate, an interviewer also does a lot of homework before conducting an interview. But if the mind is disturbed and choked with unwanted thoughts, you lose focus and stray away from the task. We have the capacity to train the mind to avoid mundane thoughts. When the mind is calm you will find yourself to be more focused and clear. You will be in control of things and able to execute your work faster.

One of the main qualities the candidates will appreciate during an interview is the positive attitude of the hiring manager. You can make the candidate feel at ease instantly with your attitude. It is common to be judgmental about others especially in an interview. This leads you into a cycle of negativity which keeps mounting. But to be positive and at peace, you will need to learn acceptance. You ought to have an “it is ok” attitude about the other person and accept him the way he is.

Yoga guides you in developing a positive attitude towards everything around you. Positive thinking affects the body vibrations in a positive manner. This affects the vibrations around us, which, in turn, affect the people and situations around us. Being able to influence the candidate is very important during an interview, and this can be achieved through a constant practice of yoga and meditation.

Your interview shouldn’t consist of just checking off a list of job requirements. You ought to see the person behind the resume. Ego is the false self which crafts an impression that it knows everything, and you make assumptions about the person sitting in front of you. Yoga instills the habit of looking at the world without passing through the prism of your ego. It helps you to listen to others attentively and compassionately. This inculcates confidence and boosts the morale of the candidate. You, in turn, help the candidate bring out the best in him/her and also help yourself hire the best of talent in an unbiased way.