As the war of talent acquisition is growing on a competitive scale, it’s becoming a matter of concern for the companies to hire the best of the lot.

Every year a huge crowd enters to the talent pool, it is essential for the companies to zero down on the strategy to grab the best of the talent that can work for their company. As companies are not hiring minions but they are looking for the masters.They are in the process of building their leaders who will eventually lead the business and take the company to the next level. Which is why it is significant to know who you are adding into the company and how that addition will not only contribute to the success of the company but will also play a commander for their departmental troops.

In the much hay days, time to realize the value of leadership and how it inculcates within the organization. Because you don’t want to step into a place where there is a lack of strong leaders within your organization.

“A leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”

Hiring managers should know which all qualities that they need to look for in a candidate when they sit across the table for the next interview.


Well this is a term that we are using for an individual who is full of passion not just the regular cliché passionate guy who blabbers that he is full of passion but instead lacks the very basic of it. Trust me, you will hear and get to read passionate as a skill in many of the CVs that you screen.

If somebody is passionate enough about his own professional goals then only he/she will be able to take the organizational goals seriously and with the some passion. Companies achieves success by leaps and bounds only when the employees are able to achieve their professional goals as the individual and the organizational goals go hand in hand.

You don’t want to handover your brand new and a very dear Mercedes car, to a person who doesn’t know how to drive a car. This what passion does to an individual, it drives and provides him direction.

Spot them: Ask them the right questions to gauge their passion. Ask them their short and long term goals and their idea of how they want to achieve the same. Inquire which their ideal role is and see how they can align themselves with that keeping the company’s culture in consideration.


The skill that tops the list when you are hiring leaders for your organization. A leader who can express and communicate stuff right has already one half of the battle. There are times when the leaders might have to face some troublesome issues, deliver some bad news to the teams, negotiate with the clients, communicate the strategies to their teams, deal with the team problems etc. You would want to keep the best foot forward and would like a person who has the gift of the gab to deal with it.

Spot them: asks some ambiguous and vague question to see how the candidate interprets it and observe that how the person responds to it. This will help you know how the person take up different things and the way registers it and then probably communicate with you on the same. Take notes if he tries to reframe the ambiguous question that you have asked him.

Ability to work in a team

A leader has to have the quality of dealing with the people and should know how to get the work done. Not only should he be capable of getting his hands dirty every once in a while but also he should be able to understand the mechanism of his team like which team mates are comfortable working with each other, who is best at doing what, whom to assign which task etc. only then the leader would be able to get the best possible results and driving his team in the right direction.

Spot them: Look for genuineness and humility in the candidate. Strong leaders are not the control freaks, see for humbleness in the individual. You are looking for a leader not a boaster who brags about his own achievements
If you are able to spot these qualities in the person sitting on the other side of the table then you might have met one of the potential leaders for your organization.