It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe Friends as one of the most successful and the greatest television sitcom of all time. Each and every character has a strong presence and meaning in the show. A unique personality of each one of them is what make this series an unforgettable journey. There are so many lessons that one can observe through the characterization of Friends, and interestingly, one of the significant take away is the work ethics that everyone in the organisation should adopt.

The one where everyone works sincerely like Ross

Sincerity is Ross’s distinguishing feature of his personal nature. He is always passionate about his work, so much so that he doesn’t get tired talking continuously of his job. One can sense an immense proud in him being a paleontologist. The same proud should be apparent in the eyes of every hires, because an organization works best when each and every member participates with a great will and enthusiasm. This is why Ross is the perfect example reflecting these traits.

The one where team members are helpful like Joey

“How you doin’?” - This is the Joey's magic spell that works on almost everyone, but one trait that is hard to overlook in between his friendly nature is his perpetual willingness to help others. In like manner, individuals in a company should always be ready to offer help to their team members. A mutual togetherness is really important while working in a team, because a project is not dependent upon an individual but a whole team.

The one where candidate is creative like Chandler

Chandler’s witty and creative responses to almost every dialogue give a strong testimony on his creativity. It is equally essential to have creativity in the work, for without it any project or task would look like a boring mundane affair. In addition to vet technical skills of the candidate, creativity should also be the parameter in an interview. Which is why an interview with expert becomes indispensable to gauge technical skills and creativity of a candidate.

The one where employees manage work like Monica

Monica is very much adept in managing almost everything. Her culinary talent is at par and when it comes to organize or managing an event, one can not find a better candidate than her. Likewise, management quality should also be the variable in gauging the overall skill set of the candidate. One has to wear many hats in any organisation, and to manage these multitude of things a candidate requires to have a solid management skills.

The one where candidate is presentable like Rachel

In addition to be the most stylish of them all, Rachel does know how to present her point. Likewise, a candidate should also be qualified enough to present the answers. One has to deal with the clients in almost every job, thus it becomes utterly important to be a good presenter. Well, this quality can easily be learnt through practice, hence one should prepare well before embarking on a journey of interviews.