In the fury of competition we want to make sure to get the best resource, for excellence demands champions in every field. Certainly, there is no birthmark or a special physical characteristic, for that matter, that can give the testimony on the brilliance of an individual. Which is why generations have been utilizing test as an efficacious tool to assess the skills and aptitude of candidates.

As years has gone by, it has been engraved in our minds to take these tests for granted. Most of us don’t realize the bad effect of crappy test that is not suitable for gauging the skills of a candidate. Which in turn results in depressing state of affairs to lose out on a good candidate. Online test like HackerRank or HackerEarth may as well fall in this category.

One of the major downside to use this kind of service is their vulnerability to have spoofed test. There has been many instances where candidates perform exceptionally well on these tests, but their answers would give out in no time when it comes to “one to one” interview round.

The true vetting of technical skills lies in the follow up questions, where interviewer dig deep into every subsequent answer in order to extract each and every relevant information out of a candidate. Importantly, these small details give much more insights into candidate’s skills than a predefined set of questions on screen. In fact, we have written an article on this very concept of follow-up questions. Importance of follow-up questions.

Moreover, it is nearly impossible to evaluate the creativity through these online tests, which is in fact the most important determiner to be considered. Another element which makes them useless is their inability to get insights into comfort level of a candidate in working in a team.

Also, recruiters can not gauge the understanding of candidates as to how well they perceive the middle ground between speed and maintainability. It is nearly impossible to replace the level of detail that can be extracted in real time through real interaction between candidates and experts.

One of the best example where importance of experts interaction is highly valued is Aircto I don't want to disclose their model here. Let's keep it a suspense, and find out by yourself by going through their website.