Hiring involves lots of intrinsic functions like sourcing, scheduling interviews, interviewing etc. Each function demands a strict attention and time to make the whole hiring process a successful journey. It is also true that technical hiring puts a lot of pressure on the engineering team, as they automatically become the part of the process. As a result, companies prefer to outsource its entire or a part of recruitment process. In fact, there are some important reasons as to why companies opt for outsourcing their one of the most significant process. Lets dig a little deep to understand the logical motive here.

To have your entire focus on your product/service

Startups generally do not have a dedicated HR team who is solely responsible for all the recruitment process. In fact, most of the time their engineering team is entirely involved in the company’s whole hiring effort. As a result, their focus gets diverted from something that they are supposed to do i.e building product. The Engineering team is the strongest building blocks of the startup house. The whole house could collapse if there is a decrease in the productivity. Hence, it becomes very crucial to bring in an outside service that would help startups in the hiring cycle.

To avoid stress

It is a well-known fact that hiring is a continuous process, but it also calls for the regular planning and making lean strategies to fulfill the company’s hiring requirements. When you have so much on your plate already, constantly thinking of hiring deficiency would definitely take a toll on you. Consequently, your productivity suffers and so does your precious engineering time. It is always better to outsource whole or some part of the hiring process so that there would be no unnecessary cumulative up stress.

To avoid bias

One can not ignore the fact that there is always a chance of bias in the interview. Especially when the interviewer belongs to the same company that requires the candidate. There are many reasons which act as a catalyst in having a bias in an interview and one of them is the common things or similarity between the interviewer and the candidate. For example, if both the candidate and the interviewer hail from a common place or both have done their schooling or graduation from the same institution then there is an apparent bias to that candidate. The most feasible and better solution is to get your candidate interviewed by some other interviewer who doesn’t belong to the company. We have written an insightful article on a bias as well. You can find it here Do you have a bias?

To find great candidates

Hiring is one of the challenging tasks that requires a lot of efforts. It is not hard to believe that if you couldn’t manage to get the right candidate on board after the great deal of strenuous efforts then the feeling of disappointment is colossal in magnitude. You certainly don’t want this scenario to be on your plate. The major reason it happens because a large portion of time gets wasted in interviewing the unqualified candidates. Thus, it becomes absolutely essential to outsource this function of hiring so that your engineering team doesn’t have to burn their productive hours in interviewing the unqualified candidates.

To minimize the turnover rate

Turnover rate is nothing but the percentage of new hires that leave within a short period of time, for example, one or two months. It is always costly to have a high turnover rate because a good deal of money and time is spent on the hiring process. If your hire leaves the company in such a short period of time then it calls for a bigger problem in future. Which is why companies chose to outsource its hiring function to a recruitment firm which in turn helps them to minimize the turnover rate and the problems associated with it.