The demand for developers and engineers have gone up significantly in startups. With every new startup coming up so frequently, the clamour for skilled engineers does not seem to get reduced any time soon. Indeed, there are a lot of opportunities out there but being in a startup also required to have an open mindset. The whole discussion boils down to one question - "Fresh Graduates vs Experienced Engineers"

One simply can not deny the level of expertise an experienced engineer would bring to any startup. So, why would any startup even consider to go for recent graduates? Well, the answer is not that simple because I have written a whole article on it. Duh!

So without any further ado, let's explore how these newbies are attracting the umpteen number of startups.

Politics is a dirty game

Politics can never be the helping hand in any organisation. It can break the employee's engagement and cause all the problems in human resources space. “Knowledge is no use until you put into practice” - though this sounds utterly positive but negative knowledge which is soaked under the influence of politics should strictly be avoided, let alone putting it into practice. Since recent grads haven’t experienced such politics in the office, it would be the plus point in adding them in your team.

Risk takers

Taking quick decisions, carrying out challenging tasks and putting your ideas in front of everyone call for courage and ability to take risks. Recent college grads do not shy away to take risks and innovate. They would come up with a lot of craziest ideas and wouldn’t be afraid to implement them. In fact, they get highly motivated in seeing the work of their seniors and bring a new and fresh ideas instead of replicate them.

Adaptability of culture

One of the main reason that startups prefer recent graduates because they don’t come with preloaded culture expectations. They would simply adapt the culture of your startup and wouldn’t demand a private meeting to have a discussion on changing the same. Each and every company has its own work style and work culture. Any new hire should respect that and majority of new grads actually follow this ideology. The same thing could get difficult with someone who has some years of experience in a company wherein the difference between the culture is significant.

Can hire them as the intern first

The most sort out way in hiring your star developer is to give the opportunity of an internship to the candidates. This way you would have all the relevant and required knowledge of the performance of the candidates before you set about to hire them. It is one of the best ways to test the potential of the candidates without hurting your pocket. And the candidates wouldn’t even mind in going for the internship at the beginning as they too can work out if they are capable to do the work while being in the internship period. If the candidate proves to be a good fit in the company then it is equally beneficial for both company and the candidate. A win-win situation for both the parties.

Easy to get engaged

Contacting and asking them for an interview is a matter of just a few clicks. A large number of recent graduates are already on various job platform and it is easy to get in touch with them. More often than not, they do entertain the emails from the company, unlike many other experienced candidates who are usually busy in their office work. Hence, sourcing the fresh graduates is always be a piece of cake.