Evolution is inevitable; nothing is perfect in its inception. Interviews are no exceptions to this law of nature.

The Industrial revolution gave birth to it, 21st century transformed it. Internet gave birth to easy search and globalization enabled multinational recruitment. Like the universe which is always expanding growth never stops. We keep moving towards unfathomable depths in search of improvements.

We are glad that at Aircto, we are not mere adopters of new technology but creators too. We created an incredibly new and unimaginably simple way of interviewing people. The future is here, but we don't just stop here, do we? We are explorers who thrive in searching. That's exactly what this article is all about.

Darwin didn't extrapolate much on evolution after humans. When people question us about the future of interview?, we can't stay silent as our team is bubbling with ideas. Here are some top-notch ideas/thoughts waiting to change the way you interview forever.


We are seeing a surge in companies using data enabled recruiting. Though there are flaws in the techniques, future will see the removal of bugs and a better data enabled approach towards shortlisting and recruiting. Employee data could also go a long way in deciding key features of the recruitment style of firms.



Video interviews aside, we expect to see video descriptions soon on job search sites. Videos of job profile and company could explain better and attract top talent for the companies.

Artificial Intelligence

We see data that decide who's in and who's out of the interview, let's not stop at this. AI could decide who gets the job offer too, in future. This is a hunch but I don't think it will just be a hunch for long. AI could interview the candidates preliminarily to decide and sort out candidates into pools for the subsequent interview rounds. Beware! it is easier to ask google the questions but what if it asks back? Don't queue outside my home if this doesn't happen, I told you this is just a hunch. ;)
courtesy: www.biginterview.com

Completely Paper free

I don't know about you but I hate submitting a lot of paper documents before and after the interviews. A lot of companies have gone paperless though a lot of candidates haven't (I am sure they are catching up ;)). By completely paperless I mean an infographic of your track record or a video CV should substitute a regular bio-data.

Social networking to Careers

You might have already started shouting "What are you blabbering, it is already out there?" take a pause before you complete. Whatever you see on LinkedIn and believe to be the future of professional networking cum job search, let me spill the beans, it is not. This is just the surface of whatever is coming. Top changes are predicted in the coming years. Get ready to roll!


Having talked about future so much, I would like to quote master Oogway here.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift that's why it is called the present.

Enjoy the latest developments on interviewing and recruitment here and don't forget to check out Aircto - next generation of interviewing is here.

Let the internet be with you!