Google play store and iTunes store are flooded with messaging and calling apps, but only handful of them are successful. FaceTime and Skype are some of the examples of video calling app that have taken shape as the must-have apps in the smartphones. But, they are about to face the tough competition from the tech giant. Excitingly, Google has released its simple one to one video calling app - Google Duo. Its unique feature that makes this app different is its simplicity. Yes, Google Duo has unbelievably simplistic interface which doesn't take toll on the memory.

But, how does Google Duo relate to the interviews? Clearly, one has to be different and creative to see the light of success. Same goes with interview questions as well. Hiring managers should adopt the practice of coming up with new and different strategies to interview their candidates. Here are some of the examples to achieve your hiring goal.

Never give up attitude

A good candidate has the zeal to overcome any challenges that are thrown to him. Challenges can be of anything and the candidate should be prepared enough to be able to crack them with pure enthusiasm. Never give up attitude is always welcomed in any organization. One creative strategy to test this significant trait is to demotivate your candidate by telling him that he couldn’t do the job. Quite possibly, this would sound pretty out of the blue to your candidate, but if he gets easily disheartened by your pessimistic statement then there are higher chances that your statement would hold true.

Acknowledge own accomplishments

Google always try to improvise on its own achievements and Google Duo is the perfect example. Similarly, one must aware of own accomplishment and strong points, for it reflects the sincerity towards the work. Ask your candidate about all the significant achievements that he had done in his previous job. Any sincere and passionate candidate could easily come with bucket list of accomplishments. If you sense the tension building up the moment after you put up this question, then it is a clear indication that the candidate lacks passion to achieve challenging goals.

To know the unknown

Google Duo gives clear introduction to its interface and hence there is no need to ask anyone for operating the app. But, interview is not always this sorted. Hiring managers often come across well rehearsed answers from candidates in the interview session. Not only does it make interview sound like a recorded commentary but also gives no relevant information of the candidate. One viable solution to this problem is to ask your candidate to tell you something which you are not aware of. It is relatively simple question in terms of complexity, but could give much interesting and intriguing insights. Any well rehearsed candidate would go bewildered when this question is thrown at him. Interestingly, you could get a lot more relevant and real information of the candidate from this particular question.

Potential to grow professionally

Google believes in making its product close to perfection by learning and testing. Truly, learning is as much important variable to google as to a good employee. The most valuable skill in any organization is not what you know but what you can learn. If your candidate’s learning potential is not good enough then no way can he survive in your company. Thus, it becomes really important and pivotal to gauge the learning potential in your candidate. Asking your candidate about the job description of his past job and making a follow up question above that could result in much more detailed answer from your candidate. This way you could easily learn if your candidate has grown professionally in the job.

Presence of entrepreneurship bug

Google Duo is the result of efforts of their developer and designer team who have the entrepreneurial vivacity. Likewise, if your company is a fast growing startup then it is always the icing on the cake if your hires have entrepreneurial spirit in them. Cracking the challenges, ready to go the extra mile to achieve goals, believe in the product, and staying optimistic are some of the crucial traits of someone who has an entrepreneurship bug in them. Hiring managers should go about and ask their candidates about their future plans. You hiring is somewhat successful if their answers reflect the flavor of being an entrepreneur later in life.