So you’ve done the hard work of shortlisting few quality candidates from the big heap of the resumes which you receive everyday. You proceed to call him for fixing a telephonic round of interview with your technical guy and he seems to be pretty much interested! You might even have a positive hint about this guy as perceived from his flawless resume. Now, who does not want the chair to be filled as soon as possible!

But then again, as fate would have it, at the scheduled time of the interview, there is no response from the candidate’s side.

The hiring manager seems impatient, and you hurriedly dial his number, but he does not pick it up. Even worse, his number is switched off. You try reaching out to him via email or texts but you still can’t connect with him. Now, you are in a fix as you need a “reason” to provide the interviewer for the cancellation. After all he did keep an important meeting on hold for taking this interview. Sounds familiar?

Well, we have been seeing numerous such instances in the past one year. The reasons and situations might vary, but we could not help but notice that some of the reasons are so weird, it is quite difficult to digest them. We have tried to list the different reasons which candidates might come up with when asked for the cancellation reasons, if you are lucky enough to receive one!

The party guy

Do you remember the times when an interview meant sleepless nights and waiting with loads of other candidates? Thanks to the candidate-driven market, that age seems to be over now. How do we know?

Weird reason #1

So, this particular person had an interview at 11 o’clock on a Saturday morning, but when he was called at the time of the interview, his number was switched off.

We later could speak to him at around 2 P.M in the afternoon. His voice told he had just woken up. Well, quite late even by engineering standards! On asking a bit more of the reason of his cancellation, he told that ‘he got a bit too h*** in the party last night and is really sorry’. Sorry for partying and oversleeping or just telling that to a RECRUITER?????

interview cancellation

The confused traveller

If you ask me if I see myself going on a vacation in the next one week, my answer would be NO. And I exactly know that because, given the soaring flight prices I would have my tickets ready before a month at least. Most of you would agree with me right? However, this person we fixed up an interview for a frontend position lives an unpredictable life in the truest sense of terms.

Weird reason #2

We tried to reach out to the candidate at the scheduled time of the interview but his phone was busy. Later he informed us that he already had done an interview. But then it was for some other company. We clarified on that. He said that he would confirm the schedule the same day in the evening. But again, when we called him he said “I am going for a vacation till December 15 and can do the interview after that.”

cancelled interview technical
Confused company names and sudden vacations. Seems like someone is having a great time in his life!

The overthinker

The best time to decide whether you want to go for an interview with the company is the time when you get the first call from the recruiter followed by a detailed mail. At least, that’s what I think. But, I guess some people might need to go through multiple meditation rounds and one cancelled interview + infinite hours to decide.

Techncical Interview cancellation

Weird reason #3

As usual, this candidate was not available at the agreed time of the interview. When we spoke to this candidate regarding rescheduling the interview, he said that he was not sure if he wanted to go for the telephonic round of interview and would get back after 2-3 days and would confirm whether he is interested in going for the technical round of interview with us.

Guess what! He never did! Probably he is still putting in some deep thoughts together.

The Guy with no pen and paper

I guess the term “technical interview” has got pretty much casual nowadays that people think they can do it all in their mind. Or maybe we humans suddenly have suddenly increased the level of our brilliance by a ++... factor. That could be the only possible case, where the candidate would not carry even a pen and paper during the interview, let’s forget about laptops.

Weird Reason #4

The interview had started but the candidate did not have paper and pen which was required by him to solve some questions. So the candidate requested to reschedule the interview on xx-xx-xxxx at 9 P.M.

Well, we would have thought his reason to be genuine, but, he did not receive the call the next day. Shortage of pens in this planet! Might be an explanation!

Well, these were only four of the endless “weird” reasons that one can find in our database. We might as well as start a series on that pretty soon. The candidates who do not really want to go for an interview can easily say so in the first place. But, I guess that is not going to happen anytime soon. Reason - Love for “Drama”? Quite possible!