Hiring for any position takes a lot of sweat and efforts. To bring that one candidate on board and make him feel as a part of the family is a strenuous act. All that process that starts right from looking for the best fit, conducting interviews, short listing, rolling out an offer and what not are all a part of the cumbersome process of getting people on board.

Imagine after hiring that candidate you realize that the person is not worth the efforts. You might have waited a little extra due to his notice period extensions or you might have gone out and beyond your budgeted pay bracket for this one.

Even after giving this fellow a reasonable time to perform, as you felt that sooner or later the things will fall into place but nothing worked as per what you had thought.

What would you do in such situation? Will you give him/ her some more time to perform and wait for some miracle to happen but deep down you also know that you are putting money, time and energy on this one to which you have to justify as well. Alternatively, you will ask him/her to leave and consider him as a bad investment and just let go off things.

If you are thinking which one to choose out of the above two then my dear friend you may need to change the lens; as you have to see this situation from a different perspective.

As a people’s person and a resource manager your job is just not getting on board the best of the resources for your company but also to manage these resources diligently. You know what all it involves to add that one person into your comrade of professionals and considering the cost of recruitment, a wise HR professional will try and understand the other attributes to this situation.
When stuck in a situation like these you can scan the situation and try the following plans:

Understand the capabilities of that employee

An individual is not only limited to a specific set of skills, humans have a tendency of learning or being curious about a lot of other things. You need to understand that what that individual knows or has an interest in apart from his core skills.

For e.g.: I was once working with a hardcore sales guy and whenever we used to hang around for tea/coffee. He was curious about how the marketing strategies are planned, campaigning etc. I realized that he is someone who has a keen interest in marketing and should be given a chance. We then involved him in one of the campaigns and this guy turn out to be a champ as he very well knitted the marketing strategies with the sales goals. Which turned out to be a very successful campaign.
Had we thought that let the sales guy be limited to his field, we wouldn’t have come across this.

Tip: A person who has a natural bent towards a certain area which might not be his core area, if given a chance generally comes out with flying colors.

Hone skill set

There might be a need for that person to hone his skills as he was not experienced in that field. A little guidance and hand holding may help him brace the new avatar a little better. Understanding some more investment is required if the employee has shown his best-expressed interest but it is any day better than letting go a good resource. As it is rightfully killing two birds with one stone.

Give ample amount of time

It’s not always gold and shining, you need to give him/ her the adequate time to reflect his worth in his actions. Don’t be that judgmental too soon and understand the fundamentals of the situation. Patience is the key and who knows you might have found the best fit for an opening in house without much fuss.

These days’ companies are oriented towards maintaining the resources pool in the organization. They are experimenting with the skills. In today’s multi-tasking environment people develop their interests in various fields. As a resource professional, your role is to identify the potential and use them to the best available opportunity.

For every useful resource that walks out of your resource pool, you lose some incredible opportunity. Don’t let this happen to your organization, provide enough support to your employees so that they can have enough learning in various fields. Every once in a while list down the Internal Job Postings and broaden your L&D support so that people can manifest their best interest.
Next time when you fall into that awkward situation of letting the employee go, think twice as to the best step.