The E-commerce industry is booming and there is no deny in admitting that the investors have been continuously flooding the businesses with unimaginable investment. They have sensed the huge potential in this business and are ready to splurge regardless of the losses the companies have been incurring. Undoubtedly, the future is in the e-commerce space. Which is why it becomes important to give some deep thought on the major trends that have happened in this very space. We have covered and listed some major trends that have been circulating in this very industry. Let’s give them a quick read. On your mark, get set, go!

The innovative perspective of selling

E-commerce companies had a limited scope in selling products on social networking websites. But, things have changed lately. Social networking services like Facebook and Twitter have very well acknowledged the importance of e-commerce websites in the industry and thus have taken different steps to leverage the opportunity in the retail business. For example, Twitter practices the partnerships with retailers to sell products and services directly within a Tweet via Buy Now. No doubt, they have made easy for businesses to sell to the customers and drive more conversion.

Moving to the complete app-only website

It is an undaunted step to move your whole business from website to app. Though the result had backfired the companies like Myntra and Flipkart, but we do want to applaud them for their such a strong decision. Everything happens for the good. E-commerce businesses now know the importance of having websites in conjunction with the app. But, building a solid app is not a child’s play. It takes a bunch of talented developers and designers. We know how hard it is to close open positions for developers, as it required to involve your own engineers who are passionately working on the product. To make things easier, companies can look for the service like that of Aircto. It provides on-demand interviewers that conduct one-on-one interview with the candidates. You can simply go ahead by requesting a demo.

Aircto is a very efficient and prompt service. Their experts understand our requirement and make sure they select the candidate who best suits us with a clear and precise feedback.

Arpita Das

HR Manager, Kuliza

Improved visibility of Customer care support

We all have experienced the frustration of calling on customer care no. provided on the E-commerce websites. We just simply couldn’t get through the annoying waiting music. Well, if you play one song in a never ending loop then anything about it would be torment to the ears. To cut a long story short, their customer care support were unreachable for most of the time. To our relief, a very well sorted improvement has been made through a pop-up window wherein an executive is always ready to help the customers. A big thumbs up for this very step.

Payments through e-wallets

In the chaos of demonetization, e-wallets have proved their value in the market. We have experienced the urgency of digitization of the currency as a result of the cash crunch in the market, and using e-wallets is a step forward in this very direction. More and more e-wallets are coming up and even e-commerce websites are accepting the integration in full swing. It is a positive sign that the country is finally moving towards the cashless economy. Interestingly, some websites had also halted the cash on delivery service to their customers and encouraged them to do the cashless transaction.

Now that you have exercised your memory of various trends in e-commerce, you are more than welcome to share these amongst your friends and colleagues.