The city where I live in has a huge traffic problem. You could easily witness miles of vehicles lined up in the anticipation of green light on the traffic signal. More often than not, I get really bored while driving on the bottlenecked road. The only thing that gives me a way to come out of that boredom is banner ads. You could see a plethora of banner advertisements that are supplied with unimaginable creativity. You could easily sense the amount of time and work that has gone into creating these masterpieces, not to mention the sky-high cost of the ads.

Indeed, it has one of the major contributions in the area of brand visibility. In fact, digital marketing too has started focusing on the brand image. Not only do this combination of offline and online brand marketing gives the quality visibility but also gives the positive edge in the recruitment domain. Thus, the question boils down to the fact that as to how brand image affects the recruitment process.

Power of social media

What is the first step a company does when it is out screening the resume? Apart from resume itself, an HR manager also prefers to go through the profile of candidates on different social media channels. Validation is necessary, thus the data from their social media’s profile fulfill the validation requirement. In other words, organizations spend their significant hours in validating their candidate’s profile. Interestingly, candidates perform the same set of activities when they select a company to work for. It is not a matter of surprise because candidates send out their resumes to multiple companies and if the candidate is good then he/she has a high probability to get the offer letter from multiple companies. This is where your brand recognition comes into the picture.

Build a strong reputation on various social media channels, because candidates would definitely google your company and if there is no brand presence then you may lose out on some good potential candidates. This is really significant for a relatively new company. Candidates may not aware of your brand name and the very first task they do is to search your company on different channels. So a noticeable presence on social media channels is required. One example of such channels is Glassdoor which gives a clear information on salaries and work culture in the company.

Presence of lucrative entity

It is a human tendency to go for something which has some extra offerings. If you just talk about your company then it may not be much useful in attracting potential candidates.

Your brand image should have something extra that holds the potential to attract the pool of talented candidates. One obvious example is lucrative salary, but it is not the only thing that you may require to showcase. Let’s take Google for an example. Google is famous for its awe-inspiring workspace and this very element is lucrative enough to attract most of the potential talents. You could also include these attractive elements in your advertisement campaigns in order to stand out from the others.

Make your brand recognizable

The brand image of your company should give a clear vision of its hiring requirement. Moreover, you need to do the number of activities in making your brand recognizable. Participate in various events and make corporate connections there. Run various ad campaigns on social media, particularly display advertisements for brand visibility. Unfurl the wings of hesitation and show the world what your brand is all about, for your brand value is one thing your future candidate would care about. More importantly, utilize your marketing efforts in your recruitment process and see the magic happens.