As the year comes to an end, all are busy making plans for the New Year. While most of the people are listing out resolutions for the coming year, I thought it would be great to suggest some resolutions HR managers should be making. These decisions will bring forth a better year for the HR and the organization as a whole.

Health and well-being of our employees

Health and wellness of the employees top the chart when it comes to company priorities. With more and more employees sitting glued to their desks, their physical health is at stake. The mental stress and pressure at workplace also take a toll. If you have not incorporated wellness programs which double up as stress busters and fun fillers, then this is the time to do it! Encourage the employees through incentives and enticements and help them incorporate exercise and movement into their daily lives. Why not employee health be your first resolution for the New Year?

A year filled with knowledge

When planning for the New Year, as the HR manager you have an opportunity to ensure that the HR department is continuously learning and growing. You can make sure there are multiple training programs conducted to keep the staff up to date with current trends.

Improving the skills and refining the expertise of the HR personnel could be one of your New Year resolutions this time. Ensure that you make the best use of time – not only yours but that of every member of the HR team.

Improving the interview process

I know most of you are excellent at hiring. But let me remind you, sometimes the traditional interview process ends up hiring the wrong candidate for obvious reasons. You may get carried away by the presentation skills and behavior of the candidate. But let’s not get trapped this time. By incorporating structured interview process and guiding the hiring managers as to what to look for in the candidates can help you the whole year. Imagine the cost, time and effort you will save this year by implementing a structured interview process? You can also rely on ace companies like aircto for acquiring the best of talents for your business this year.

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Arpita Das

HR Manager, Kuliza

##Talk and listen more

Well, this is easy, isn’t it? This year resolve to improve the communication between the HR department and the employees. Encourage the employee right from the grass root level and up, to communicate, to share and stay connected. Let them be clear about what they expect, what they need and what they anticipate from the organization. May this year help you retain the best of talents, just by getting the feedbacks and working on it. Some of the top performers might be looking out for another job just because they lack opportunities or need flex hours. If you can capture their thoughts, there are chances that the talent can be retained and encouraged. So do not ignore the communication gap and you will have a talent-full year ahead.

Dedicate extra time for policies and compliances

One of the important tasks of the HR department is to be up to date with the policy changes that come into effect from time to time. Some new rules and regulations related to compliance may also need a review. This year make sure you spare a fixed amount of time to update yourself and the organization about the policy changes and compliance information so that the company doesn’t violate any rules knowingly or unknowingly. It is important that the changes are communicated to the concerned departments so that they can be prepared to deal with the change. You may even call for all-hands meetings to convey the policy changes and the implications that may follow. This is critical when it comes to credibility and reliability of the company.

Let me wish all of you a great year ahead!