Recruiters are always on a roller coaster ride. Alternating between having good candidates and bad candidates. Unfortunately, the antediluvian practice of recruiting makes them “no proud” host of poor resumes and eventually bad candidates. Predominantly, recruiters don’t pay much attention to user experience when it comes to hiring process. They simply follow ancient procedure to recruit their dream hires, and go berserk when their hires turn out to be average or bad employee. In the era of “machine learning” almost every part of business drools over to get the best results from solid user experience, but hiring, on the other hand, has been the victim of slow and ineffective process. Lets look at the hurdles that are commonly present in the recruitment cycle and shed some light on the tips and techniques to avoid or leap over these hurdles to get the smooth hiring process.

Look at the candidate's point of view

The very first step in hiring cycle is to put yourself in candidate’s shoes. Think of all possible channels that they can use to search for job vacancy. Utilize those channels and tailor your job posting in accordance with each platform. Importantly, make sure to put extra effort to humanize application process. After all, you certainly don’t want your job application looks like a boring and lengthy government forms, which is an epitome of highly repellent perceptual structure.

Make interesting Job post

Mention interesting things about the job and the scope of learning in your job post. If your job post is tailored for frontend developer then include benefits and perks of being a frontend engineer in your organisation. Talk about the scope of learning new technologies and frameworks. The crux here is to bring forward your company and the job role as a perfect model for every candidate who sticks around one or every job portal.

Perpetual job requirements

And, please refrain yourself to write never ending list of requirements that even Elon Musk can’t fulfill. Usually, candidates hesitate in going ahead and click on apply button because of the mammoth requirements that lingers in the job post. There is always a scope of learning, thus the focus should be on learning abilities.

Proper flow of communication

Nothing can be more inappropriate in hiring process than not informing the result of job application or interview round to the candidates. In fact, it is a good practice to inform candidates about the results so that your email inbox doesn’t get inflated with queries related to results by candidates. Relax, it is perfectly okay to decline undeserving candidates over a mail. Don’t hesitate and be open to applicants in every hiring cycle. This activity will only give you rewards in terms of successful hiring process and of course, stress free sleep.

Human interaction in the interview

Last but not least, give some deep thoughts on the way you want to conduct the interview. Human interaction is really necessary in the assessment of technical skills of candidates. Predefined online tests like that of HackerRank may act as a supplement to the interview round, but it is not advisable to solely rely on these tests for your hiring cycle. We have written a separate article on this very issue. You can find it here - Reasons why online test is useless.