Have we ever read an article that talked about “things we love about exams”? most probably not. As students most of us would have never loved those nerve crunching, last minute sweating moments before the exam. But some of us would have waited for those last minute butterflies in our tummy! Wow, that’s a great feeling. (Is it just me?, I hope not).

Well, recruitment is our much bigger exam. If we win this, we can get the career of our dreams. Obviously, there are one million reasons to be worried about this test-of-entry into a company. However, we can sure think of few things that we love about this process itself, so come explore with me to find the beauties of recruitment.

As a Head Hunter:

Wow, it is a huge responsibility! We need to make sure the company gets the right candidate. At the same time if the candidate must get his fair chance to prove his worth. Balancing the responsibilities to an equilibrium takes a hell lot of effort let me tell you. The power of responsibility would take the pain out of your nerves. We love it.

As a candidate:

The day of networking welcomes you. Candidates get to meet a lot of people of their industry, from fellow job seekers to top professionals. What more can a guy/girl ask for huh? Viewing this as a fantastic opportunity will certainly put their heartbeats to a normal pace. Yes, it’s tough but it’s worth it. Even if you miss this job you can be proud that you gained a lot of contacts for future windows.

As a company:

Well, they are the people who should really be enjoying this day right? Only true, if the company has enough time to interview all those people, scrutinize their credentials and everything. Interviewing can be a real pain if you start seeing too many unqualified candidates wasting your time but it can be one of your best days if you find the person of your choice. So don’t get irritated if you see a majority of not-so-good candidates, do not forget that there are companies to help you out.

Overall it all comes down to your attitude. If you can see the best of everything that comes in your way, you would emphatically enjoy the day no matter what.

Keep your chin up and radiate confidence for the best day of your career.