Project management is critical to the success of a business. Hence, it is important to monitor the latest trends in project management to gain maximum benefit and value from it. Let’s have a quick look at some of the project management trends.


There was a time when the project management depended a lot on the methodologies used. But with each passing year, the trend of using a single methodology is diminishing. Businesses are more concerned about what works for them currently rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all approach. Sometimes Scrum would be the ideal methodology to follow, while in a different situation, it must be best to use Agile. So it could be called a blend of approaches to see the results!

Project Management Software

Gone are the days of manual work especially in management space. With project management software it becomes easy for the managers to manage their resources better and determine the milestones to track the progress of the project. So project management tools and software will definitely be in demand and will be used by more and more businesses.

Human Resource – The real strength

The core strength when it comes to project management is the staff. The best deal for the coming year will be to find the right resource for the team. Without the best talent, none of the project management tools and methodologies is useful. Hence the project managers concentrate on acquiring the top talent through some of the best talent vetting platforms like aircto. They provide on-demand interviewers to interview the candidates. This ensures the team is equipped with the best talent in the market.

Aircto is a very efficient and prompt service. Their experts understand our requirement and make sure they select the candidate who best suits us with a clear and precise feedback.

Arpita Das

HR Manager, Kuliza

##Importance of soft skills

With business crossing the geographical and language barriers, managers have realized that soft skills are as much or more important for the employees as their core skills. Project managers are concentrating more on soft skill training to equip their team members with good communication and other software skills. The ability to deal with a situation in the most diplomatic way is essential when it comes to handling and retaining clients. Conflict resolution, maintaining confidentiality, confidence, etc. are some of the soft skills essential for all employees. Project managers are more keen to recruit people with soft skills as that plays an equally important role in critical situations. Managers are finding it increasingly difficult to find a resource which is armed with soft skills, hence the right candidate in spite of his/her core skills are getting rejected.

Need for social responsibility

In today’s global economy, the businesses are being constantly scrutinized by their consumers, stakeholders, investors, etc. Everybody expects something more than mere profits. There is an increased importance of social responsibility and business ethics. Transparency and accountability are gaining as much significance as monetary earnings. Hence, Project Management has one more parameter added to its list – social responsibility and accountability. The company has to consider the environmental impact, transparency and social factors while drafting their policies and strategies. This helps them in the long run (either positively or negatively). Managers are equally careful with the legal, compliance and environmental aspects of each project and the business as a whole.

Remote working

With the trend of global business, the workforce is more disbursed. There is a need for collaborating with a team spread across the world – in different geographical zones. Hence remote working is gaining more importance. Today, telecommuting has been accepted by many companies as a core policy. Many project managers believe that working remotely requires pro-activeness, ownership and time management skills from the employee’s side. They welcome these qualities and ensure employee satisfaction through telecommuting policies.

But remote working and telecommuting come with a price. There is an increase in the need for remote project management tools, security policies and technology up-gradation. With cloud-based project management solutions, data sharing tools and techniques, remote working is the new norm.

These trends will surely change the way companies manage themselves. Let’s wait and watch!