The demand for programmers has been increasing constantly. With the boost of the startup industry, companies do need numbers of talented developers to remain or rather succeed in this cut throat competition. As a result, HR professionals invite the applicants on a larger scale which is followed by the in-depth interview process.

But the major analysis that one can do in this entire process that there is a surprisingly low number of female developers who would apply to the software engineering jobs. Consequently, the percentage of women in a tech role has been very low.

We are living in an era where we every now and then talk about gender equality and always try to come up with strategies, plan, and promotions to achieve this important goal. On the other hand, it is very hard to find women who are in the developer position. This is completely insane. How is it possible at this very time that we still don't see enough women coders?

This fact is more surprising because there isn't any difference between men and women in terms of the cognitive, aptitude, and problem-solving skills.

I'm not implying that there aren't any women developers, but if you were to compare the percentage of the gender gap then the picture would be much clearer.

In the survey conducted by Stack Overflow, it was found that almost 92 percent of the coders are males. It is a staggering figure and clearly demonstrates the wide gender gap in the tech roles.

Percentage of female developers

Percentage of female developers

Relating job roles with gender

It is a human nature to get influenced by the people we aspire to become. When we see the job role of the people we know, we intuitively try to relate it to other factors. For an example, a girl couldn’t find the enough examples to relate programming with females but on the other hand, a boy could easily find plenty of examples of a man being a programmer.

We see a pattern which is highly common and start believing it to be the only truth. This intuitive information which is thrown out by the people around us should be vetted properly. If schools or colleges can impart the information that your career choice should not be gender biased, then it would make an initiative to reduce this gender gap.

Society influence

Our society works in a very strange way. We don’t appreciate anything which seems strange to us. When you see a woman coding then somehow you feel something odd. This is the result of influence by your own society. If you don’t feel strange then there is a high chance that you know many female coders and seeing another one doesn’t look odd to you. But unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.

Lack of encouragement

encouragement quote

I’ve seen my friends who had the inclination towards coding but they didn’t pursue it because there was no encouragement from anyone. Many of them opted for management later and some went to practice medicine.

The point that I am making it here is that this wide gender gap is there not because women don’t show interest towards it. They do have the inclination towards coding but that fondness gets usually subdued from the apathy shown by people around them.