In the world of recruitment, hiring is like milk in your tea. You definitely want it in your tea, for it makes your cup of drink delicious and well, to put it simply - drinkable! Your drink would not be potable if you accidentally put spoiled milk in it, and all your hard work to make that tea would go up in smoke.

P.S. This analogy is not for those who prefer black tea.

Certainly, companies do not want bad hire in their team. Which is obvious because they work really hard to get the right candidate. Endless hours to zero in on handful of resumes out of tall stack of papers, myriad number of interviews, spending extravagantly on advertisements, could be all primary pain points for any firm.

But, what if you could get the right hire without going through much of this rigorous process? What if only potential candidate would apply to your job posting? This sounds so reposeful and relaxing. Right? Well, you are lucky enough because "Creativity" seems to get this all done without any trouble.

These companies came up with a strong creative mindset and strategy to get their dream team. We have gathered some of these advertisements to show you creativity in action.

Every good software developer is a great problem solver. Microsoft considered this fact and advertised their need accordingly.

EverythingME came up with this really nice idea to portray their automation engineer as red cape wearing super hero. This Ad forces you to behold, and appreciate the concept behind it. Everyone loves super-heroes, and to make relevant connection between engineer and flying man is brilliant.

If you view the page source of flickr, then you will come across their job posting. Who would have thought you could advertise your job requirement on page source of your website?

Snacks! Did someone say snacks? This advertisement tries to present Vimeo's work culture as amazing and friendly, and it does it perfectly.

Every individual would love to work in a company where there is a respect, honour, and appreciation for employees. Everlane presented themselves as super-cool company where they advocate the idea of equality. No hierarchies whatsoever.

What do you get when you take a company's logo and add some extra fun to it? You add extra bites to the legendary logo, and Voila! You have your amazing advertisement.