Remote interview is the next big thing in the recruitment process. Speaking of advantages, employers could conduct the interview from anywhere and that too hassle free. Both candidates and employers get to enjoy the benefit of telephonic interviews with minimum effort. But, telephonic interviews are bit different than conventional ones, as they are done remotely from practically anywhere. Hence, there are some ground rules and suggestions that candidates must imbibe if they want to ace the interview.

Scheduling the telephonic interview

This may sound a little beside the point, but the very first step for a great phone interview is the suitable day and hour. Generally, candidates get calls for their preferred day and time, but if that is not the case then make sure you are available for the telephonic interview. If you think there is no way you would be available on a particular day and time then simply raise the issue to the hiring manager and ask for other time for a call.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Your whole personality would be based on your phone etiquettes and conversational skills. Thus, prepare to hone your communication skills and importantly how you would present your answers. You may carry a stern expression in the interview thinking your face expression and body language don’t matter in a telephonic interview, but to your surprise, they are as important as your presence. Smiling face and a straight posture positively affect the tone of your voice. All this will give the positive impression on the interviewer about your preparation and readiness.

Be well prepared

Preparing well before the interview gives you a strong edge in nailing the interview. You could always jot down some important points that you think would come in handy in the interview. For example, the reference point to your achievements, weakness, education background and the kind of projects you did, etc. Also, it is advisable to have your resume in front of you. The reason is every important information is already there and it is likely that questions in the interview would be around the details that you have mentioned on your resume.

Do your homework

If you have taken the burden to prepare your detailed resume and apply to the company then it is expected that you must have gone through the website and have done some research on the company’s work culture and job position. They surely want to know about the things that interested you in applying for the position. You must be convinced first as to why you need to do the job on this field and that too in their company. This step is more of a helpful resource for you to introspect than preparing for the interview.

Consider technical issues

Call drops are one the major challenges that you would face in the telephonic interviews. It is equally irksome for both the candidate and the interviewer. Hence, you need to make sure that the place that you would be giving an interview from should have a good network coverage. It is of interest to note that these technical glitches generally are short-lived, but one must take good precautions to avoid any interruption in the interview.

Keep your cool

It is very important to keep away any form of aggressiveness in your tone. It possible that interviews could be taxing sometimes and you are not able to concentrate well on your answers because of umpteen number of questions being bombarded at you. But, you need to maintain a calm and controlled attitude, for all that environment could be created purposely to vet your ability to answer in the pressure. Also, being calm and relaxed would help you to comprehend the question better and you would be prepared well to answer them correctly.