Every year over 1.5 million engineers graduate from more than 3000+ engineering colleges in India. Surprisingly only 6% of them are fit for hiring (as per a report by the assessment company Aspiring Minds).

The demand for engineers has increased considerably. In 2018 alone, 1200 startups came up in India as per Nasscom.

But are these companies able to find the the right individual?

No, not quite!

Companies still struggle in finding the right developer. This is the reason you'll find a lot of Recruitment agencies and platforms in function. According to an article in Economic Times, the hiring of digital and technology talent in India will double in 2019.

We did a brief study to find the state of Tech Talent in India.

Let's see what we found out :

1. Number of Developers

The number of experienced developers are quite less in India. This is the reason companies are always short of quality Tech Talent.


According to multiple data sources, the maximum number of developers live in Bengaluru, followed by New Delhi & Hyderabad.  

According to Wikipedia -

“IT firms in Bangalore employ about 35% of India's pool of 2.5 million IT professionals and account for the highest IT-related exports in the country.”


According to the Stack Overflow 2018 Developer survey. The average age of developer in India is 22.7 years. For comparison, the average age of a developer in US is 28.7 and Australia is 29.

If we talk about average years of coding experience, Indians have 4.2 years whereas US and UK folk have around 11 years of coding experience on an average.


Our research also showed that there are more Backend & Mobile developers in India. Interestingly, when compared to other countries, India has the highest number of Mobile developers.

You can see the graph above to know more.


According to a research by Belong.co, the Indian Tech industry has only 26% women in engineering roles. In other words there are more than 3 times male engineer when compared to women.

Many companies have taken steps for Gender equality. Recently Accenture announced that it will achieve a gender-balanced workforce, with 50 percent women and 50 percent men, by 2025.


Developers are eager to learn about languages like Go, Kotlin & Typescript. We also found that Javascript is one of the popular skills among Indian Developers. The popularity of Typescript is due to the fact that many major Javascript frameworks use Typescript.

HackerRank data showed that developers are as keen to learn Python in 2019 as they were in 2018.

You can go through the graph below to know more :

3. How are Indian companies hiring Talent?

There are hundreds of ways hire Indian talent in 2019. You have job portals like Naukri, Indeed, Monster & Hasjobs, social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter, job platforms like AirCTO (Tech focused), Instahyre & Cutshort and hundreds of recruitment agencies too.

Then there are other ways like Job fairs, Campus placements, Hackathons, Conferences, walk-in interviews, referrals & events.

According to the Mettl Talent Report 2018, 36% companies are using Social Media for hiring talent followed by Job Fairs & Campus placements. About 13% of  companies are using Internal referrals for hiring, which is one of the most effective way of hiring talent.

Here's a quote :

“Once you have found these perfect diamonds, keep them, nurture them and show them all your love. Remember, if they leave, they will take all the best people them.”

4. Source of Motivation

Have you wondered as to what  drives Indian developers? What makes them keep coding day in and day out?

We did a small survey on our developer community AirCTO Connect and we found that the number one source of motivation for developers is self satisfaction.

Here’s a graph showing the same :

5. What is the major challenge for companies?

Recruiting Tech talent is a major challenge for companies.

So, what is the most challenging task for recruiters? Is it screening, sourcing or interviewing?

According to our own research and other data, companies really struggle in sourcing developers and in the assessment of the skills. This is reason we conducted over 1900+ Tech interviews for companies in 2018 and helped 150+ companies in finding them the right developers.

According to HackerRank, over 60% of the companies found that assessment of skills was the most challenging task followed by interviews.

This is the reason at AirCTO we make sure to nurture the candidates and screen the candidates manually (by looking at their work) before sending the profiles to companies.


6. Difficulty of Hire

Our research & data showed that the most difficult position to hire was that of a Data Scientist followed by that of a Cloud Architect.

The same data also showed that there’s a huge gap in the demand and supply of Data Scientists.

The average tenure of a Data Scientist is only 1.8 years, one of the lowest after iOS and Android Developers.


7. How many times does a developer check Stack Overflow?

In our small survey, we found that more than 60% of the developers check Stack Overflow site multiple times a day.

They also enjoy discovering news & articles through Hacker News and Hacker Noon.


After looking at the above data we can conclude:

1. The number of skilled developers are very few in numbers. The demand for developers is on the rise and will continue in the future as well.

2. When compared to other countries the developers in India are young but are in-experienced.

3. Screening of candidates is one of the most challenging tasks for recruiters.

Overall, it’s clear that hiring tech talent is not easy and recruiters needs to find developers and screen by using platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow etc.