"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." We got inspired by this quote by Vince Lombardi, so much so that we have incorporated this very learning in the interview process. Why? Because the interview is the heart of the recruitment process. If done well, it can improve your whole recruitment process altogether. Impressive! So, let's go through the best practice that company can imbibe to make their process successful.

Incorporate a practical element.

Theory vs practical. The war has been going on for umpteen number of years. But, do we have a winner yet? Not exactly, because it turns out that both these strategies should be available with the interviewer to go about conducting an effective interview. The candidate would be performing endless tasks while being in the company. Hence, It doesn’t make sense to vet the candidate on a limited territory of just theory section. In fact, practical test is inevitably important entity in the field like designing and engineering. Give your candidate some problem to solve, be it a whiteboard problem or some coding challenge. Until and unless the candidate doesn’t perform or show his/her competency practically, the interview would not be successful.

Consider the technology first

Hiring is indeed a long process, but with the advent of high-end technologies in the hiring domain, the scenario has been completely changed. It is worth to note that each step of hiring has been more or less automated, right from the sourcing to the final interview. But, there is a problem here. All candidates are not even qualified to be in the interview. Consequently, interviewers spend countless hours in interviewing unqualified candidates. Clearly, this is a complete waste of their productivity. Considering the problem here, a product like aircto has been yielding good track record in the recruitment industry. Their experienced experts filter out the bad candidates from the pool of many. As a result, only the handful of qualified candidates is left for the final interview. Moreover, companies get complete feedback report for each candidate, which is icing on the cake for them, as practically they just have to do interviews for only culture fit.

Aircto is solving a real problem for high growth startups. Hiring is top priority and gaining speed on quality interviewing is mission critical for success. Aircto helps with speed, quality and objectiveness. Super stuff!

Rohan Khadatkar

HR Manager, Toppr

Get feedback from current employees

What is the best way to know your inefficiency or weakness? Either you introspect or get someone to tell you about the same. The latter option gives you much more depth into the things which you could overlook easily. Same goes for interviews as well. If there is a weak or inefficient process present in the process then the wise strategy is to ask about it from your current employees. They must have gone through the similar interview process and they can give the best feedback to improve the process. If you feel your employees may not come out as honest as you would expect then you would always encourage them to give the feedback anonymously.

Convey the company culture directly

Every company has its own way of doing work. Some like to follow the strict hierarchical pattern in the organisation and for some, every employee should be on the same page. If you give a little thought on it then you would realise that company culture is related to the fact that how you would want to encourage or motivate the workforce. For an example, startups tend to have more relaxed and casual culture. Primarily because they need to have a strong work bond, and every employee needs to make the actionable decision which would have a clear impact on the business. But, a new candidate may not aware of the particular culture your company enjoys. Therefore, it would be better to share the view of your company culture. Better keep this as your first question in the interview. If the candidate is not comfortable with the culture then there is no point in vetting the skills of the candidate.