Remember when you have to close an urgent requirement and you have been in a constant touch with an outstation candidate. This one candidate is fitting the bill somewhere but there are yet some rounds that needs to be done face to face. The concerned interviewer wants to have a face to face discussion with this candidate. Now the challenge becomes calling this remote guy in to your office.

Coordinating with the outstation candidates has always been a pain point for recruiters. Talking to them and arranging accommodation, travel, commutation etc. within the set scheduled time is like pulling off a fat Indian wedding. Trust me it’s like you have to manage with the candidate, his availability, his accommodation requirements, travel etc. and at the same time deal with the concerned interviewer about his availability, time slot for the interview and what not in this world.

As per the need of the hour the recruiter has to act like a bridge between the interviewer and the candidate to make the talent meet the required vacancy. But all this makes an underlining to the fact that do we need all this pain so as to get the interview done?

Is only a face to face interview with the outstation/ remote candidate the final aim that we have? Does the talent needs to showcase his skill-set physically in front of the interviewer? Are we talking about a candidate or is it some bartender that we want to hire for, as we need to have a look at how he prepares the drinks flying in the air so as to sign him up for.

Do we need the same age old practice that has been followed since a long time -that to close the final deal you have to get into a face to face interview? Now in the modern times, technology comes to rescue as gone are the days that requires candidate to be physically available. In Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook age there doesn’t exist a term for not being physically present as you can always be virtually present with just a click of a button.

Let us have a close look at some of the flaws of F2F interview with the remote candidate:

Increased costs

Calling the candidate to your city not only is a matter of efforts but it also enhances the cost to the company. Because as a goodwill gesture the company has to pay for all the additional costs of his travel, stay etc. and of course he becomes like the guest of the hour and you have to ensure that everything is set in place for him.

Involvement of other departments

It’s not just the recruiter who has to coordinate with this alien guy to bring him to their land but also other departments who has to get enrolled in the pain like Admin Department for fixing up tickets for travel and arranging for hotel, cabs and what not. The finance department to clear bills etc.

Distraction in day to day task

With some 100 odd things on recruiter’s to do list but all that get messed up as the recruiter has to check from time to time with the candidate because sometimes either the flight time doesn’t match or the person is very curious about his stay as the town is totally a strange island to him and he keeps on bugging recruiter with hell number of questions. The recruiter’s daily job gets hampered as all this breaks the flow of work.

Technology comes to aid

In the modern times when nobody has the spare time to travel, technology comes into the picture. Aircto, with their on-demand interviews helps recruiters to vet their candidate’s technical skills through a remote interview. This not only saves the travel, time and expenses but also makes more sense as both the parties are comfortable enough to use this as a medium and it is as credible as the face to face medium. Result- win win for both the parties.

Makes the entire process a hassle

You wouldn’t like to fly down to some place for an interview as it is a task to get a leave approval and also ensuring that everything goes down smoothly. While doing your daily job you are in touch with the recruiter as you want to assure a nice and sorted stay at that place. To make that all a hassle free job we advise you to use technology.

So next time just don’t be a medium to make the talent meet the demand rather be a smart medium. Try and incorporate smart mediums to interview so as to save time, money and effort.