Ask any company about their most challenging part in hiring process, and the majority of answers would point to sourcing candidates. Sourcing is like treasure hunting. You can't savour the experience of having the treasure i.e. the best candidates and potential team member of your company if there are no resumes stacked up in your mailbox in the first place. Considering this very fact, we have collected a list of some popular and efficient platform that would be of a great help in your process of sourcing candidates.

Indeed boasts of a very simple interface to post your job requirements. You can create a free account in a jiffy and add the company description. Interestingly, it allows employers to promote their job post to get maximum visibility to attract the best talent possible. It also gives the prime visibility which means your job posting will still be easily visible among other newer job posts over time. Sponsored post works on pay per click model and one click could cost anywhere between $0.15 and $0.90 Moreover, employers can schedule interviews right inside the platform to experience much sorted hiring process.

LinkedIn is world largest professional networks and can be seen as Facebook for the professional world. The Job post starts from as low as 1,170 INR a post. If your job post is to find software engineers then LinkedIn also gives the benefit of availing up to 40 percent discount per job provided you decides to purchase a multipack. They also give employers a very useful feature of sending direct Inmail messages to selected potential candidates. This is really helpful if you come across a brilliant profile and don’t want to miss a chance to grab the opportunity to hire him/her. You can also expect the real-time analytics on applicants and job viewers so that you always be informed of important activities around your hiring and sourcing process.

This platform is great for candidates, as it gives some really useful information regarding salaries offered in companies and the reviews by the employees itself. It also serves the purpose of sourcing channel and one can find a pool of potential candidates on Glassdoor. As for the pricing, they offer 3 plans to suit hiring needs of different employers. Two of them come with the seven-day trial with a limitation of 3 jobs and 10 jobs posting. As for the pricing, the former one would cost $149 a month and the latter one would cost employers $ 449 a month after the trial period of 7 days. In case, your requirement is to have a single job post then their third plan is recommended which comes with a feature of a one-time purchase of $149.

If you are a startup then AngelList is one of the best platforms that you can use to satisfy your hiring needs. It is meant solely for startups and their hiring requirements. Another reason to make use of this platform is its database of quality candidates. The Majority of them has the startup mindset, which is a primary eligibility for anyone who wants to work in a startup. Moreover, the job posting is hundred percent free which is the icing on the cake. Over 4,400 startups have utilised the service of AngelList as I write it, so there is always be a trust factor associated with it.

Github is the platform where umpteen numbers of developers build their personal projects and work together on a good number of technologies. But, it can be used for sourcing also. Not a lot of people know that Github has its own Job Listing. Though it comes with a heavy price tag of $ 450 per listing which runs for 30 days, it is still an effective channel to source the best developers. Even if you don’t want to spend that amount, you can still leverage their database of developers to source the candidates.