A person doesn’t spend 3 hours every day on Naukri or Monster.com, but it does spend on social media. A genius captured this idea and made social media the next best hiring tool!

I remember the time when I was graduating; a new phenomenon was coming in picture amongst us students. Internet was old but Facebook, Instagram, Twitter were like upcoming things. If you were not on these platforms, you were simply considered to be either too high ended to spend time with such things or too dorky to pay attention too.

Little I would have known that platform which was only used for socializing will one day end up being used as a platform for hiring, that too at a very large scale! So, let’s have a look how recruiters and job seekers benefit from the social media, and how social media is like the badass hiring tool these days.


Facebook has numerous options for hiring and getting in touch with job seekers. And we all are guilty of being online for most of the time during the day on this portal. The best way to hire from Facebook is to join a group with similar interests. Let’s say a content writers group. People who have requirement of freelance writers end up putting their requirement in such groups. And content writers looking for assignments/full-time job reply on the post with their email ID and sometimes, CV'S too. Apart from Groups, if you are not that creepy dude or girl who is suffering from “lol” syndrome, you can even befriend the Company’s HR recruiter or follow them.


140 characters for your dream job! Fewer words with more impact, twitter is a complicated tool for recruiters to use. But then those who know how to use it use it really well. On twitter, you can tweet a snapshot of your short CV and put heading as #jobseeker. Believe it or not, I came across a really creative graphic designer who has done that and I was deeply impressed with his smartness. Recruiters even add a short link to a Google form and ask you to fill in the details. Many startups also organize hackathons on twitter too for that genius coder every company wants.


The professional social network, LinkedIn solved many woes of recruiters when it was launched. Though the only problem I face with LinkedIn is when people don't even leave their email ids. I understand that publishing a phone number might be a bit of a risk, but then a request from all of us recruiters, at least mention your email on your profile so that we can share the openings with you. Companies use LinkedIn in many ways. They maintain their professional pages, post jobs on those pages and application directly come into the recruiter box. For job seekers also, LinkedIn is a boon. You may not be aware but many recruiters go through your profile in a single day. So if you are working on a new assignment or have changed your job, update it on LinkedIn.


Though not much of use for Corporate, Instagram is another upcoming hiring tool for many startups and digital agencies. A photo says it all; you can see many companies posting about jobs in eye-catching pictures. Many freelance designers also use Instagram for publishing their work. Even I do when I am blogging about books. So, if you are on the creative side, make sure to have an Instagram profile.


If you are a creative professional, you know what I am talking about. Behance is a site where you can make online portfolios and share with creative professionals around the world. It is a like an online community of creative people and a great committee too. Creative agencies who want to hire graphic designer or social media artists, they make sure to check whether the person has a portfolio on Behance or not. And if not, it’s like minus 5 out of 10 mark paper! I for one have hired almost 7-8 graphic designers from Behance itself. And why not, at a single platform you get to know whether the person’s ideas and creativity fit into the profile you are looking for or not.


From a company reviewing website, Glassdoor has also evolved into a platform which can provide you with jobs. Reviews, salaries and benefits from employees, Interview questions from candidates, job seekers communities and what not. For job seekers, it gives you a good amount of inside out of a company that you would be interested in working for. For recruiters, it’s like another good source of good professionals.

The Internet is full of websites and social media sites like this which can be your source of entertainment and also your next best job. There might be many more sites that can help you land your dream job and a recruiter the ideal candidate, but the above-mentioned ones are some that you simply need to be active on. Rest, I’ll keep an eye out for you.