Customer is the king for us at AirCTO & same is the case for almost any early startup.

But do you know what is the hardest part for early startups?

Startups can’t afford to hire a dedicated person to look after the customers. This is because most startups don’t have that kind of resources to appoint a person specifically for customer success.

So is it possible for a startup to excel in customer success without appointing a customer success person or using fancy tools?

We’ll explain exactly that in the article below. The article will take you through the steps we took to keep our customers happy without a customer success team.

1. Customer Responsiveness

Be it 1 o'clock in the night or 7 in the morning, our team makes sure to respond to each of our customer's queries or problem. This also includes weekends and holidays. We follow the same, even with prospects who are still in our customer funnel & haven’t converted.

We broadly serve three types of customers :

1. Clients - who use our services to hire candidates
2. Candidates - who are looking to get hired by these clients
3. Experts - who help us in conducting on-demand Interviews for our clients

We don’t differentiate between any type of customer. We try our best to treat all of them the same.

Also, we try to provide a great user experience to our customers. Whenever we find or get to know about a severe product issue, we report it to our developers. Our Tech team then tries to fix the problem as soon as possible. We have a specific channel on Slack (named “war-room”) where we report such issues.


Apart from this we have integrated Crisp (a live chat software) on our website to help our customers. On an average, daily we reply 10-15 people  (most of which are candidates looking for jobs) on Crisp. We also make use of Freshdesk for managing support requests, customer queries and internal request tracking.

2. FAQ Videos & App Tour

Our AirCTO app is used by all our customers (clients) to manage the sourcing and interviewing process. To help our customers we have created an application tour so that they could understand in the usability of each page & section.

Our App Tour

In addition to this , we also have videos to help them understand few of the processes like adding a candidate, reviewing a candidate, scheduling an interview etc.

Mini AirCTO Academy 

Similar approach is taken for the Expert portal which is used by experts to conduct interviews. This makes for a user friendly app journey. Since many of our customers non-technical, we have put special efforts in making the app as simple as possible.

Help Section for the Expert Portal

Here’s what Vishal Agarwal, Head of Systems Development at Expedien had to say :

“I love the UI and the simplicity of the AirCTO application.”

3. Transparency

Transparency is a key way of creating trust because it helps to eliminate any suspicions or anxieties our customers might have about the value we're offering. We at AirCTO give our best to be as transparent as possible with our customers.

For example, whenever we get to know that a candidate is not selected by a particular company, we make sure to inform them through an email or a LinkedIn message. Similarly if we think it’s not possible to proceed with an order for some reason, we don’t take the order up. There’s no use of making false promises.

This has helped us build a strong relationship with our customers over the past years.

Email Reply to one of our client

4. Customer On-boarding

So when does Customer on-boarding really begin ?

The best answer would be when a sale is complete. But it’s not really true. That’s only half way done.

In our case, sales team and the recruitment team together help in Customer On-boarding. We usually start with a welcome email. This email contains :

Sample of a Onboarding Email

1. The timeline and how things will move forward
2. Confirming the details  (regarding the Job Description)
3. Clearing doubts/queries

This helps our customers to get an understanding as to what they could expect in the coming weeks. Also, it helps clears any misconceptions they might have.

5. Notifications System

We’ve built a strong notification around our AirCTO application. This is essential because you cannot call the customer, be it clients, candidates or experts to tell about the smallest of updates.

Email Notification for successful conduction of the Interview

It’s almost impossible, even for a single person who is just appointed for this. Hence we have automated all our notifications and we also have in-app notifications.

Example of In-App notification

Notifications are triggered incase a candidate applies, when an interview is cancelled, payment is processed & for thousand other things. For interview scheduling we make use of SMS too to remind the candidates of the time.

Timeline of the Interview on the right side

This makes sure none of our customers face any kind of problem as they are notified every step of the way.


These are some of our secrets of keeping our customers happy. We are using these since the inception of our company and it has improved as we progressed.

We feel, customer success is not only about buying fancy tools and live chat software but it's about the manual efforts the team is putting into solving the customer queries and keeping them informed.