Hiring developer for your beloved company is certainly not an easy task. It requires experience and dedication to close just a single open position. Imagine the level of pressure that an HR manager has to face while performing recruitment activities. Pheww!

One such daunting activity is the screening of resumes. It is very common for them to make mistakes while doing this activity, but these mistakes need to be stopped. Let's see what kind of mistakes HR managers do and what precaution they should adopt so as to not repeat them.

Selecting candidates with superman resumes

Things which are too good, hold the potential of giving the exaggerated image. One good example of it is a kind of resume which is unbelievably impressive.

And when you interview such candidate, more often than not, you get the surprise visit of a reality. The skills that the candidate has mentioned on the resume are far from what he/she is capable of.

Okay, but what if the candidate is not faking and have given you the correct description of the skills through the resume? Well, this is a valid point here. Thus, a bit more attention is required in screening such resumes.

If the resume is of an engineer then make sure to visit the candidate’s profile at Stack Overflow and Github, and see the karma score and contributions that have been made. See the type of projects that they have executed and what was the level of involvement in each of the project. All these activities give a much clearer vision of the candidate skill set.

You would be really lucky if the information on the resume is correct. After all, you may get a star performer in your organisation.

Rejecting overqualified candidates

There are many instances where HR managers don't take the next step of an interview in the case of an overqualified candidate. This is one of the biggest mistakes managers do. And what stops them to even consider such star candidate?

Turns out there are many factors that are responsible for the hesitation of HR managers. Some of them are; the demand of higher salary, the candidate will leave the company after a few months or even a few days.

The reasons are genuine but these are not just restricted to overqualified employees. The fear that HR managers have pertaining to such candidates are actually quite common in every kind of candidates. Rather, what HR managers have to consider are the benefits that these candidates bring to the company.

They are self-sufficient and possess strong leadership skills. They know their field and your team can learn a lot from them.

First come first serve

What HR managers need to understand that recruitment is not a super sale where you provide products on the first come first serve basis. I've seen many recruiters who follow such ideology in their hiring process. Maybe, they are eager to close the open position. But the solution is to increase the interview rate, not just settle with the very first person they interview.

Give your candidates some time to get back to them. And, meanwhile, don't forget to lose connection with them because candidates are like bees. They fly from one opportunity to another until they get their sweet result.

Going by the physical appearance

Don't judge a book by its cover. This is one of my favorite quotes. It gives the solid answer to the evil of discrimination in just one short sentence. The intrinsic meaning of this quote is very well applied to almost anything.

Yes, you guessed it right, I'm trying to steer its direction to the screening of resumes.

Never reject the resume just because it is designed poorly. Some people have bad designing skills but it doesn't translate that they are bad programmers or have poor technical skills. They are just naive when it comes to designing.