If you were wondering what is the most significant challenge lingering in the minds of the CEOs of the companies today? The answer is Talent Management! With the trending global economy, companies have started realizing that talent is their biggest asset and also the biggest challenge. Strategic recruiting, employee development and social networking have taken a front seat today. Smaller companies rely on a combination of smaller HR and payroll systems to manage their employees. But when it comes to multinational corporations with its global workforce spread over multiple countries and continents, the age old HRMs and ERPs are rendered inefficient.

Let us explore how Rolls-Royce utilized the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite to manage its talent pool using a centralized and cohesive solution.

I hope you are aware that Rolls-Royce has over 40,000 employees spread across 46 countries! For such a giant multinational company, spreadsheets and presentations didn’t seem to work well. Replacing the antique HR systems with the latest and more efficient cloud-based HR systems to manage a significant global workforce was inevitable. And so after 15 months of hard work and careful study, Rolls-Royce moved its HR to Workday cloud last October.

The Workday HRM system consists of the tools to strategize, hire, manage, and evaluate a global workforce. With respect to planning, the system allows you to plan with headcount, budget and position. It also helps evaluate the workforce and plan based on the configuration of business processes at regional, divisional or organizational levels. If you are an HR manager at Rolls-Royce, you can easily create reports and derive at statistical data on global positions, headcount, turnover, demographics, employee/role history, and compliance.

With Workday HCM, Rolls-Royce will be able to standardize HR processes worldwide, which would provide them with greater insights and better visibility into their workforce. The streamlining of global operations ensures enhanced output and efficiency throughout the business.

Today, hiring processes including resume parsing, applicant screening and candidate tracking have gained enormous relevance. With the new generation HR systems, the managers are better equipped to gauge the performance, recognize the top talent and align the skill set optimally with the roles. You will not be amazed to know that the cloud-based system from Workday has enabled the Rolls-Royce to access the new generation recruiting tools such as data analytics, BigData and other assessment features to help drive hiring and sourcing decisions.

The decision to scrap the old technology has helped Rolls-Royce to hand pick the top talent for a role from across the country. The Workday HRM provides recruiting, talent management, and workforce planning under one roof. Hence, the hiring manager has a better visibility into the entire talent pool, be it the current employee or an external candidate. So, you can be sure that the hiring manager at Rolls-Royce is hiring the right man for the right job!
Apart from choosing the candidates for a job role, the system helps in collaborating with the people involved in the entire recruitment process. If you are a recruiter, then your job is easy now! The hiring manager from Rolls-Royce can easily team up with you and communicate effortlessly with regards to screening, feedback and review of the candidates.

If you were turned off thinking of the long process associated with applying for a job position in Rolls-Royce, think again! Today you can easily search and apply for jobs from anywhere, any device and through social media networks and social profiles such as LinkedIn. With the Workday system in place, the application process has become an effortless, efficient and smart experience for the candidates.

By implementing the cloud-based Workday HRM, Rolls-Royce has adopted a robust toolset which helps them manage their talent pool. This has effectively replaced the emails and spreadsheets while configuring business processes including the hiring process. One of the major features of these HRMs is that they are cloud based and provide a mobile interface too. The interface is very user-friendly and doesn’t need much time for the setup. This helps the whole organization access the system from anywhere and everywhere with a simple touch.