“Relationship is like cookies, don’t waste efforts on bad recipes!” The title and this quote may confuse you, but the article is neither about best culinary practices or any other cliched relationship advice. Rather, the article addresses one of the most common problems in the recruitment process. Recruiters and hiring managers together work on the same goal, hence their professional relationship matters a lot in the successful consummation of the recruitment process. But more often than not they end up having a disagreement over the assorted perspectives to the hiring.

Before we go about to give insightful and effective practice to foster the relationship for a common goal, let's look at the difference between hiring managers and recruiters.

Their service sometimes appears a quite similar because they both share the common goal, but they do are different. Generally, hiring managers see the overall process internally in the organisation and they have the complete information on the nitty-gritty of hiring requirement of the company. On the other hand, recruiter prime responsibility is to get the right person on board.

Now that you know the difference between these two, it would be better if we come straight to the point, and without further ado lets look at how these different roles can help each other to bring the perfect employee for the job.

Trust is everything

Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller with every mistake. If there is a constant disagreement over the type of candidates recruiter brings then the plant of trust can not grow between the recruiter and the hiring manager. Just be clear on what kind of people you want on board and convey the same to the recruiter. In fact, many recruiters have taken a step ahead and get their candidates interviewed by the third party before sending them to the company. This way they don’t have to worry about the credibility of skills of the candidates.

Be crystal clear on the expectation

Interestingly, in spite of having one common goal, both recruiters and hiring managers tend to take sharp turns on the same recruitment track. Recruitment process should be smooth without any friction between hiring managers and recruiters. To achieve that, both should entertain the strong communication and transparency in every process and decision. Also, there should be a mutual understanding of hiring process. Hence, it is quite an important variable to convey the requirement correctly without any scope of misunderstanding.

Work closely together

Though the responsibilities of both hiring managers and recruiters may differ but they have to work collaboratively to get the best result. Speaking of their roles, the hiring manager makes most of the decision in the recruitment process and give relevant feedback on the interviews. On the contrary, recruiter’s work is more focused on the sourcing and screening of the candidates so that the overall recruitment process doesn’t get slowed down. After the interview, both the hiring manager and recruiter should get on a call to discuss the hiring opportunity. In fact, a good recruiter is capable to answer any question on the background of the candidate. The whole crux is to have a collaborative hiring process.

Celebrate together

If the hiring gets successful, which is a highly probable scenario if the chemistry between recruiter and hiring manager is good, then the both parties should participate in a celebration together. Invite each other for a lunch and discuss on the processes that can be improved so that the whole recruitment process gets friction free. Consider this opportunity to dwell on all the mistakes that might happen in the sourcing, screening and in the interview itself.

Hiring should be the prime concern for any organisation, as it can bring some star employee in your organisation.