AI and automation are changing a lot industries & the Recruitment industry is no different. There are lot of tasks in recruitment that can easily be automated using AI and machine learning.

AI chatbots especially is one of the best way one could automate a lot of repetitive recruitment tasks. Chatbots are now being used by all the major industries to solve multiple problems. No wonder the chatbot industry is valued at 800 million dollars & estimated to rise to 3 billion dollars by 2023.

So what Recruitment challenges a chatbot can potentially solve?

While there are a lot of challenges that a chatbot can solve, lets look at the top 5 recruitment challenges that chatbots have been successful in solving -

1. Screening of Resumes

Every company be it big or small, receives a considerable number of resumes. These resumes could be through the company's Career page, Job portals, Emails or dozen other sources.  Even when a company is not hiring, recruiters need to go through the resumes to build a strong talent pipeline. This helps in future hires.

But do you know on an average how many of these applicants are qualified?

Surprisingly the number of qualified applicants is only 20%, sometimes even less. This means for every 5 resumes only one is applicant is qualified.

So how can you potentially increase the number of qualified applicants ?


Yes, Chatbots can greatly help in solving this problem. This is because chatbots provides you the option of screening candidates on multiple questions before accepting a resume. This way you will only spend time screening through qualified candidates.

Not only does this increase the number of qualified applicants, it helps in reducing a lot of screening time.

2. Candidate Experience

We live in the age of millennials. Millennials (also known as Generation Z) in India make more than 1/4th (440 million) of the total world’s millennial population. They make the world’s most powerful consumer group.

Hence before building anything, be it a careers page or a job application, make sure to keep them in the mind.

For many companies, a good candidate experience is a priority. This is because Candidate experience affects a lot of parameters, including attracting talent .

While there are lot of ways of improving candidate experience, the best way you can  improve the candidate experience is by using chatbots.

This could be done in two ways -

1. Creating FAQ chatbot

Are you still using Emails to solve candidate’s doubts ?

Yes! Then it’s a high time that you implemented a chatbot on your career page. No they are not expensive and neither do they take a lot of time to integrate.  Most chatbots take a couple of minutes to setup and integrate.

STRV Career Page

An FAQ chatbot is incredibly useful to answer the common queries of the candidates. Even after adding all the answers to FAQ page , there are always few questions that remain unanswered.

Chatbots will also will help know about other frequent questions which you can always add on the FAQ page/section later. Some chatbots also gives you the option to engage with the candidate directly incase the chatbot fails to answer a particular question.

2. Creating a Screening chatbot

A Screening bot helps in sorting the candidates at the time of application. It’s incredibly helpful both for recruiters as well as for the candidates. For candidates, they get to know about the decision instantly rather than waiting for days or months & recruiters end up getting only screened candidates.

Jarvis - AI Screening Chatbot 

3. Time to hire

Let me ask you a question.

What’s the average response time for an email ?

Let me guess, 1-3 days on an average.

On the other hand, what is the response time of a chatbot?

The maximum response time is 2-3 seconds, considering when the chatbot can answer the question.

Clearly chatbots can help in removing a the friction in the hiring process. It can also help in automating a lot of process like screening, solving doubts/queries of the applicants, employee feedback etc.

Data from Drift 

4. Better Talent Pipelining

Earlier, I told how recruiters need to go through applicants regardless of the fact that they are hiring or not in order to build a strong Talent Pipeline.

Talent Pipelining or “relationship recruiting” is a process where you build a strong relationship with passive talent for future job openings. This is regardless the candidate is looking for a career change immediately or not.

So, how does chatbots help in this process ?

Chatbots helps you gets certain data that you would never find on a resume. Things like expected CTC, notice period etc. These extra data points greatly helps in improving the talent pipeline. You can easily save time by speaking to only those candidates who are a right fit, even if all the resumes look great.

Eg - The candidate is not willing to relocate to a specific city or wants to work only in a specific industry.

Generally you won't find these information on a resume.

5. Company Branding

Finding top talent is becoming more difficult day by day. However a good Company brand can help you give the extra edge.

But how can you improve your company branding ?

All companies have a career page but how many companies have integrated a chatbot on their page?

Very few, right.

Integrating a Chatbot on your career page can greatly help you in achieve a good company brand.

Not only will it help in improve the company's branding overall, it also helps you in People Marketing.

But what is People Marketing?

According to Sage -

People Marketing is now a critical part of the wider recruitment process. But that’s not just brand marketing to candidates – it’s creating great one-to-one candidate experiences by personalising communications throughout the recruitment, selection and on-boarding journey.

It actually helps you winning the war on talent and in securing & retaining the best candidates.


Hope you enjoyed this article.

Clearly, chatbots have been successful in improving few areas of the hiring process. However it isn't capable enough to replace recruiters all together.

Its about time that to move from reactive recruiting to proactive recruiting.

This is reason we have built Jarvis, an AI Recruitment bot to help you in accepting and screening of applicants.

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