In the last few weeks, we have added a couple of new things on AirCTO. Let’s find out what we have got for you.

Import candidates from RecruiterBox straight into AirCTO

Integrating different sources to import resumes on our system has been a long pending request from our customers. We had only one way to add candidates to our system and that was to upload resumes (PDF/Doc/Docx files) manually.

But then customers already had profiles of the candidates on different systems and they had to download the profile of the candidate and then upload it again manually on AirCTO - which works fine when you have few candidates to add, but it became cumbersome when uploading bulk candidates.

We reviewed our customer's request and got to understand that RecruiterBox is a widely used tool to manage candidates among our customers. Therefore, we went ahead and integrated RecruiterBox.

Now, our customers can directly import candidates from RecruiterBox straight into AirCTO with a click of few buttons. This is how it works:

On the add candidates page, you would now notice that there is an "Other sources" section which has "Import from RecruiterBox" option. You need to click on this if you want to import candidates from RB.

While importing from RecruiterBox, you need to add your RecruiterBox API key which you can generate on your existing RB's account.

Once you add the API key successfully, our system will get all the candidates categorized by Published/Archived jobs from your RB's account. You then need to simply select the candidates and click on import candidates to AirCTO. And that's it! Our code will do rest of the magic. :)

Platform Fee

We have been working day and night to make our customer's hiring process seamless. Our team has been constantly building and launching key features to improve your experience.

But, we have to pay our bills (and that's been expensive)! Considering the fact that majority of the interview fees go to our interviewers, we're left with very little incentive to sustain our team. Therefore we brought in a very low monthly platform fee based on your need. We have primarily got 3 subscription plans as platform fees for you:

  • Small Plan (Rs 999/month): Allows you to upload upto 10 candidates with 1 team member. This works fine for companies who are just starting up.

  • Medium Plan (Rs 2499/month): Allows you to upload upto 50 candidates with 5 team members. This works great for companies who are at their growth stage.

  • Custom Plans: We have also got custom plans for those customers who upload more than 50 resumes. We offer them a customized plan with custom pricing. This works great for high growth start-ups and enterprise companies.

All the above plans include: access to our curated interviewers, automated interview scheduling process, Phone/Video calls, 24/7 email support, manage candidates interface and shortlist resumes options. You can find more details on platform fee here:

Referral Program

Our existing customers are amazing and they have been constantly referring us to their friends to use AirCTO. It's been really nice of them and we decided to reward them for their efforts, officially. So, we have put in a concrete way to refer friends right from our system. There are three ways you can refer AirCTO to our network:

  • Email: You can invite companies by putting in their email address and company name.

  • Referral link: You can manually copy and share a custom referral link (attached to you) with your friends.

  • Social Media: You can directly share the AirCTO referral link through social media within your network.

And yes, for each successful referral, you get a free monthly subscription.

We will back again with more product updates soon. :)