Aircto has been helping recruiters in their technical hiring, and Front-end developers have been one of the major hires. It is obvious too because job opportunities and the number of programmers taking interest in front-end development is taking off progressively.

While having the conversation on Javascript and its framework, we thought it would be really awesome if we can play some role to help build a platform where Front-end community would congregate to discuss interesting and engrossing things on different technologies related to it.

Consequently, we planned to have a ReactJS meetup at our office in Bangalore where Front-end technology enthusiasts can gather together under a roof and discuss problems, techniques, strategies and best practices related to ReactJS.

P.S. ReactJS is a Javascript library by Facebook which is used to build user interfaces.

We put in lots of efforts in organizing the whole event. Our whole tech team was involved in making sure the event should go smoothly. We strongly believe that giving back to the community is as important as being the part of it.

So it was 13th Bangalore ReactJS meetup, and we are proud to host it at our workspace. There were 30-35 guests who were from different startups, tech companies, and some of them were freelancers and front-end enthusiast.

Guests engaging in knowledge sharing

Different topics were discussed ranging from future of front-end to comparing Javascript frameworks. Guests also participated in the presentation, and some even talked about their super-cool achievement of creating their own framework on top of React native to build native mobile apps.

The event was initiated by Mr. Kiran Abburi, who is also the organiser of this event. He talked about interesting things on building apps with React and Redux, which is a library to maintain the application state.

Kiran giving session on React and Redux

The second session was taken by Mr. Yatharth, where he talked about intriguing topic on testing React components. Questions and queries were fired from all directions, but he answered them the same way Neo dodge bullets in Matrix.

In-between the two sessions, everyone engaged in discussion over frameworks and all noetic talks on latest technology. All this while they enjoyed sipping coffee and nibble on sandwiches. We intend to do more of these for various other technology stacks in future.

Suffice to say, every part of the meetup was awe-inspiring and the epitome of this beautiful quote by Benjamin Franklin, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."