Seven months back, we had made one promise. “We will soon reorganise the meetup” - Generally, people don’t pay much heed to the words when they give their word of honour, but we don’t want to be called a group of people who withdraw from a commitment. So, we all at aircto decided to organise the ReactJS meetup - #20 Once Again!

For those who do not have any idea or even haven’t heard of this heavy word - “ReactJS”, let me give you a brief introduction of it. ReactJS is a Javascript library given by Facebook for building user interfaces. It is one of the best libraries to build modern web applications. The power and usability of ReactJS is simply awe-inspiring. To get the clearer image, let’s take an example of a post of a popular celebrity, for example, Shakira. Now all you have to do is to witness the number of likes on the post. Can you see them changing? Surprisingly, the page hasn’t reloaded and the count keeps on increasing at an alarming rate. You have just experienced the beauty of ReactJS. This is just a mere glimpse of what ReactJS can do, and more of it were discussed in the meetup.

Though we planned to have a 3 hours event, but the enticing talk of 3 speakers made everyone to get glued to their seats for an extra 2 hours. Wait a minute! Did you notice something here? Yes, we had 3 speakers who talked on a variety of things related to ReactJS. The meetup had a good number of footfall of ReactJS enthusiasts and the place felt absolutely warmed with energy.

Kiran on Relay and GraphQL

The event was initiated with the warm welcome from Mr. Kiran Abburi, who has done numerous ReactJS meetup in the past. He then moved on to give the absorbing talk on GraphQL and Relay. Relay is a new framework from Facebook that provides data-fetching functionality for React applications. And GraphQL is a data querying language designed to describe the complex data dependencies of modern applications.

The next talk was given by Mr. Ciju on ‘Using React in AngluarJS apps’ where he touched the important reasons to use ReactJS. His insightful talk was followed by the delicious ride of snacks and tea. This was the time where people got into the interaction mode and enjoyed the to and fro of the ideas.

The last talk was given by Mr. Siddharth, who holds the position of an engineering manager at Practo. The talk was on ‘Styling the React components’. He did make the talk highly enjoyable by taking everyone on the journey of the evolution of frontend technologies. He has also shared his presentation for anyone who might have missed the meetup.

It was indeed an insightful experience for everyone. We look forward to have more of these in future.

P.S. By the way, we are looking to on-board some frontend experts on our expert panel of interviewers. You may want to visit here to get the best idea.