We have talked about how you could prepare for your remote interviews. But the story doesn't end here. Your final one to one interview is still lingering and you must crack it to get in the company. Do you have any strategy or plan to achieve that? Lets explore some of the to do's before the second battle.

Preparation is the key

The first and foremost thing to do before your second interview is to prepare hard for it. You might have done your research before the second interview in all probability, but the deeper and extensive research is required if you certainly want to ace the interview. Prepare for the questions that can be asked in the second round of interview. Practice some behavioral interview questions, as the interviewer would want to know if you would be a good fit for them. Also, interviewer would be interested in your stress handling skills, so be prepared for the questions or tasks that you must complete in the limited time.

Consider the first interview as the anchor point

You can learn a lot from your performance in the first interview. Take a note of all the mistakes that you did and how would you go about to work on them so that you wouldn’t repeat them again. Also, it is equally important to build the confidence and savor the positive energy before your second round, as it would help in considering the points that helped you to crack the first interview. You can then plan ahead and make a strategy to repeat that magic in the subsequent interview.

Refresh yourself

The other factor that employers would definitely look in you is your enthusiasm. Answering in dull and drowsy tone would give a bad impression on the interviewer. Hence, it is necessary to take steps that are helpful in boosting your alertness and energy. A good night sleep before the day of the interview would help you to achieve that energy level. Also, if the interview happens to be long then make sure to rejuvenate yourself by taking a quick walk in between the interview rounds.

Do you fit in with the company?

Your second interview would majorly test your interpersonal skills. They would test if you would be able to gel with the current team, which is really significant information for the employer. If you somehow couldn’t manage to work well together with the team then it would be difficult for both you and the company to maintain a positive relationship. Every employer needs the candidate that can properly adapt the working culture of the company.

Remember your answers

It is quite possible that you would be asked the same bunch of questions in the second interview as well. Don’t hesitate to repeat your answer because it is most likely that the subsequent interview would be taken by a different interviewer. Why do you want to repeat your answers anyway? It is because your first interview must have been good since you have qualified for the second round. If your answers worked earlier to get through the first round then there is a very high probability that those answers would work in the second interview as well.

Ask lots of questions

You must have asked your set of questions in the first interview, but be prepared to have a bucket of more questions for the subsequent interview. It is likely that the second interview would be taken by some other interviewer, thus make sure to extract as much useful information as you can. After all, you would be spending your significant amount of hours in that company, hence utilize this opportunity to get proper information on your job profile.