In our previous article, we talked about how pre-onboarding is better than onboarding activities. In the second part of pre-onboarding series, we will shed some light on various activities that an HR manager or the employer has to perform to kickstart and complete the pre-onboarding checklist.

Be ready with the working tools

Your new hire may join after a week and you wish the work should start as soon as possible. It will be if you utilize the time before the joining date. Have a workspace ready with the essential tool like a laptop and all security credentials that may require while in the work. This way the new hire would start the work at the earliest. It is also advisable for an HR manager and employer to list down all the tasks that must be performed by the new employee for at least a week after the commencement of the job.

Provide the right guidance

Is your candidate from a different city? If yes, then do ask your employees to get in touch with a hire and help in getting a place to stay. Big companies provide two weeks of hotel accommodation for their new hires so that they get sufficient time to find a place to live, but most of the startups do not have enough funds for the same. Hence, it is important to help your new hire with the right guidance.

Interaction with a new employee

To understand the significance of making acquaintance with teammates, let me give you three scenarios and you have a choice to go with one.

Scenario 1: You are working in a room occupied by strangers.
Scenario 2: You are working in a room with people you know.
Scenario 3: You are working alone in a room.

If you are introvert or anti-social then you would probably go with the third option. It is perfectly normal, as introvert individuals find working alone to be more comfortable. For others, the second option seems to be preferable one. Why? You enjoy work when you are friends with your teammates. This way, a positive aura is always maintained which nullify any boredom in the workspace. In fact, various researches have backed this phenomenon. Now that we know the importance of familiar people at the workspace, let’s take a moment to analyse the first day of a new employee whose pre-onboarding has not been done. He would see unfamiliar faces with unknown behaviour. Did you notice something here? Technically, he is in the first scenario. Thus, first few days might not be productive and comfortable for the new hire. One way to minify this issue is to let your employees interact with the new hire even before the first day of employment.

Take help of electronic signature

Gone are the days when the candidate has to wait for the first day of employment to complete the paperwork. Now all those formalities can be done effortlessly through electronic signature. There are many websites that offer such kind of service. One of them is Hellosign.

Send out a welcome email

As soon as you finalize on the decision to hire the candidate, send out an informative email which should include; welcome letter, a brief introduction to the company background, media mentions, and links to the social media profile of the company. If you want you could also attach a form along with the email which asks for the candidate introduction. You can then share the filled form with the employees so that they know some basic information of the new employee and can interact better on the first day.