In any company you have two types of employees. There are those who will do what is required of them before going home. You also have the top performers who will do anything to drive the business forwards. You need to focus on these employees if you're going to stay in the game for the long-term.

Sadly, lots of companies try to motivate the average employees. It's the wrong approach to take and if you're doing it right now you need to stop. Let's focus on a few ways you can help the best performers in your business reach new heights day after day.

Always Attempt To Hire From Within

When someone starts a business they work until they fall asleep at their desk. They'll do everything it takes for the company to succeed because they believe in it so much. It's similar to the mindset of top performers.

The one big difference is when businesses succeed the founder will have everything. You need to share a little of that with your best employees, which you can do by hiring from within whenever possible

Allow Them To Work On Other Projects

Procrastination can actually be a good thing if you approach it the right way. That means you don't let anyone sit on Facebook for hours at a time, but you still give them a break from the usual things they're working on.

Google is the best example of this because they gave employees 20 percent of their time to work on other projects. It resulted in the creation of Gmail and AdSense, so it's safe to say they've seen a return on their investment.

Don't Try To Do Everything Yourself

Everyone has to know where their strengths lie. Just because you want to motivate your elite employees it doesn't mean you'll be able to do it all yourself. There are ways you can get lots of help from the outside.

You'll always read about large companies bringing in motivational speakers to talk with a group of employees. These speakers can usually affect people in ways you can't because of their unique life experience.

Offer Them A Large Enough Salary

Even the best employees won't stick around if they get a much better offer somewhere else. They might find the salary you're paying them insulting, so always try to pay your top performers as much as possible.

Maybe the money is not available in the budget and there is nothing you can do about it until a later date. Try to remember money isn't everything. There are still perks you can give the right people at your company too.

Use An Open Door Policy Effectively

If we're being honest your top performers are likely smarter than you, at least in some areas. Give them the opportunity to be the boss by letting them come in and talk with you about anything they feel needs changed.

An open door policy has its disadvantages too. For example, it could ruin the chain of command. It's why you should only allow your high flyers to use it and everyone else can go through the regular channels.

Getting To Know Your Employees

This is going to be difficult for anybody running a large company, but it's much easier when you focus your efforts on the top employees. It will show people you actually care about them on a personal level.

There are lots of different benefits when you do this, but remember what we said earlier about employees doing anything to help the company succeed? They'll also want to do anything to ensure you succeed if they like you.

Ongoing Training Can't Be Ignored

Have you ever read a book and automatically felt much smarter? The same thing applies when you train your employees on a regular basis. It would be silly not to when things like technology change all the time.

A lot of companies only concentrate on training their new employees, but it needs to happen across the board. When you're implementing it you can pay special attention to your best performers by teaching them more.

You'll Reap Plenty Of Rewards

Your business will never crash and burn. In all likelihood it's going to become more successful than ever before. You won't believe how much it benefits you once the top performers are taken care of properly. Follow the advice we've touched on today and it won't take long to reap the rewards.