Have you heard this quote - “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable”? Certainly, money is as important as presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. A good influx of cash surely ease out the day to day activities. In fact no one would be satisfied if they wouldn’t get monetary reward in return of the work. Does that mean a good paycheck is the only way to motivate people to work hard?

Who wouldn’t want employees who could go an extra mile to achieve ambitious targets. But, what else encourages them to keep them going apart from money? There are a lot other factors which play an important role in motivating and inspiring employees to perform great work.

A pat on the back

An acknowledgement of good work always acts as a catalyst in the work process. Praise your employees for every achievement he/she achieves. It doesn’t matter how big or small the accomplishment is, as it would always give them a sense of goodwill towards their work. Everyone enjoys an expression of approval, which in turn encourages them to work harder. Thus, it becomes really important to save some laudable words in your dictionary.

Cool job titles

Be creative with job titles. Your employees would be using them to represent themselves, which is a pretty important factor to consider. Give them cool and creative job title which they love to be associated with. There is an immense pride in displaying the title which describes you with an awesome name. And, with pride comes a zeal to do great work.

Encouraging working environment

A nice and comfortable working environment impacts very positively on work performance. Make your office space in such a way that your employees drool everyday to be in that awesome place. After all, they would be spending their whole day in there. You can always ask your HR manager to help you in making the workplace awe-inspiring.

Casting blame is the devil

Unless it is a major issue that can land your company in deep trouble, it is advisable not to pin the blame on your employees. Instead make them realize what they did was not good, and ask them for the solution. They would be more responsible if they themselves feel bad about their poor performance.

Ask for suggestions

There isn’t any simpler way than asking for inputs to let your employees feel that you acknowledge their work and intelligence. And, there is no harm in to get a second opinion on the problem. In fact this way not only would they feel honored but also they would care about the company.