Sunny Kumar is a technopreneur with varied skills in technology, product management and a sense in business interfacing. He has been involved in web technologies for the past decade, and has worked with top eCommerce companies leading their web efforts.

We got this amazing opportunity to interview him to know his thoughts on hiring the best fronted developer out of the pool of many. Here is the snapshot of our conversation with him.

What are the skills do you think a candidate should have to be a great frontend developer?

Nothing beats logic, for any programmer. I guess, if someone can clearly understand the fundamentals of how HTTP works and how they can leverage modern web APIs they would be able to write highly performant frontend applications. Also, a hands on experience with backend technologies would help them understand the bigger picture.

You have had interesting job role in your previous companies. Could you please describe your amazing experience as a frontend expert?

My most successful stint till now has been with an eCommerce Unicorn based in New York, where we build an entire stack from scratch in 2.5 months. The website was handling transactions of more than $1 million per month before being sold to another holding company. I've had a chance to work full stack and this gives me a better understanding of utilizing the best practices.

Generally, what is your best strategy to zero in on a candidate for a frontend role?

My strategy to zero in on the best candidate is to test the candidates for a strong command on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Also, testing if they are aware of recently released web APIs. I would test if they have Knowledge of isomorphic applications, and understanding of build and deploy tools + preprocessing CSS via SASS/LESS is an add-on. The most important part is their ability to decide when to use a framework vs when not to. Their inquisitiveness in new technologies would also add a strong factor in their favor.

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