Rajeev Kannav Sharma is a big time technology enthusiast who is working in Headerlabs India as a software developer. He has a strong command over Ruby On Rails, and has been working on hybrid mobile application development. He holds an amazing 6 years of experience in corporate world. On the personal front, he is a proud father, and always excited to get his hands dirty on creative strategy to solve coding problems.

We got a chance to be with him for a short interview. As expected, he gladly agreed to it, and answered our questions with pure enthusiasm.


When was the first time you encountered programming and realized that this is the thing which you would love to do for rest of your life?

After completion of my masters of computers applications course, situations gave me a reason to work for my passion, a new life, a new way of coding in Ruby and Ruby on rails, and it was pretty awesome to work on ruby on rails, as it gave me the true feeling of being a software engineer. I am currently investing my time and efforts on Rails5, Mobile Application, Dev-Ops works, Product Development and Management skills.

You had a long and exciting career in technology. Can you roughly tell us, how many candidates did you interview so far, also what is your usual process?

I have interviewed more than 40 candidates, and I generally, ask people about their technical, personal and financial aspects. This way, I manage to get an overall picture of what a candidate is capable of, and get a deep insight into his passion towards work. Of course, great organization behavior is must. I have very simple, but effective formula for hiring: Nice human + Good/Excellent programming skills --> Welcome aboard!

If you have to hire a Backend Developer, what would you look for in a candidate during an one-on-one interview?

A candidate should have strong knowledge of database, and must be fluent in deployment tools. Since, he would be working with many people and has to deal with clients as well, thus organization behavior should be top notch.

Check out his Github and Stackoverflow profiles.