Someone who is a pure technocrat and also loves to interview candidates is the perfect expert for Aircto. As luck would have it, Gaurav excels in the both. Having more than 8 years of experience in the mobile application development, Gaurav knows inside out of his work. He started off his career as a software engineer in Infosys and later moved on to work in AgreeYa Mobility, a global enterprise mobility and mobile System integration (SI) company based in Texas, USA. He was responsible for developing software solutions there, and he had also worked on top notch technology of creating custom ROM. The moment of immense pride was when he and his team successfully created Kratos - A secured ROM created in Android platform.

As an interviewer, Gaurav follows a very practical approach. He asks straight and elementary questions that are related to action behavior of an Android user. Wait! there is a catch here. He doesn’t expect straight and simple answers from the candidates. He expects in-depth answers that can easily explain the given problem. “A good candidate should be able to explain the practicality of a solution. If a candidate goes beyond the conventional knowledge then it is always a strong point in a candidate.” Though, he shapes his questions according to every job descriptions, the knowledge of web service is something that he considers a strong add-on in the candidate. “It is definitely a solid add-on if the candidate knows how to create REST APIs and SOAP APIs.”

The another important skill that Gaurav look for is the communication skills. “If you think the test on communication shouldn’t be present in the interview, then you may have a problem in the long run, as any programmer needs to interact with clients and it is also important in communicating internally.” But, interestingly he gives a small weight to this very skill because he believes that if you put a potential candidate in the right environment then the skill can be drastically improved. He finds it important to look for the learning potential in the candidate, rather than discouraging them for a bad communicator.

Gaurav knows how to channelize his thirst for programming. It is quite apparent, as he is a hardcore gamer as well, and have participated in many game developers conferences, particularly organised by Nasscom. His intensive knowledge in all layer of Android also helped in gamifying the product which he is doing currently as a Principal Software Engineer at Rubix108 Technologies.

Find him on LinkedIn here Gaurav Navgire