This week, we got a chance to interview one of our resident experts - Mr. Nikhil Anurag.

Nikhil is a Python Developer with over 6 years of experience and has a master's degree from University of Sheffield. He has an elating experience working in enterprise as well as startup environment. He has worked in different domains viz; Web Development, Network Applications & Physics Simulation.

Though primarily a Python Developer, Nikhil dabbles in other programming languages like Scala, Clojure, Haskell etc. He likes experimenting with tech so his latest foray with Game Development & Erlang. Apart from programming, he has great interest in literature, which is evident by the fact that he has a personal library of more than 500 books!

Here is the snapshot of our interview with him.

When was the first time you encountered programming and realized that this is the thing which you would love to do for rest of your life?

I was in school when I first tried my hand at programming via Haskell. It has fundamentally influenced my coding style and understanding. My passion for programming happened much later though - When I was able to build small tools to take care of menial & time sink tasks for office work. For Example, being able to reduce 13 hours work to a few seconds via scripts. This out of the box thinking and ability to implement ideas is what made me truly fall in love with coding.

You had a long and exciting career in technology. Can you roughly tell us, how many candidates did you interview so far, also what is your usual process?

I have interviewed about 20-30 candidates at this point of time. I am part of a startup where I am solely responsible for selecting candidates to work on our company's product. This helped me to pay close attention to what to look for in a candidate.

If you have to hire a Python Developer, what would you look for in a candidate during an one-on-one interview?

  • Problem solving skills in programming context.
  • Can (s)he perform under stress.
  • Is (s)he able to communicate his ideas, irrespective of his/her grasp on English.
  • If (s)he has mentioned certain concepts in their CV/Resume, if they really understand the concepts by being able to answer fundamental questions about them in their own words than using book definitions.

Check out his LinkedIn profile.