Luke is a versatile web developer, technology enthusiast, and an experimenter with an overall experience of over four years, and hands on with multiple well known E-commerce implementation of the world, on top of different technology stack. He is an active technical blogger on Open Source Technologies including Linux Systems, Versioning Systems, Web Servers, and Cloud technologies. Also, Luke has his contributions as Technical Reviewer in couple of international publications. You can find him solving problems, brain storming on web application architectures, and reviewing technical publications in his leisure time.

Here is the snapshot of our small interview with him.

When was the first time you encountered programming and realized that this is the thing which you would love to do for rest of your life?

It was 8 years back when I got my first desktop, and I was trying to crack Windows Xp password for fun and realized that people have written bootable utilities to do so, and everything is a script or a code. Similarly, every games which I played made me realize the same. Slowly as a student of Computer Science I got the base of it and became something for me which I would like to do for rest of my life.

You had a long and exciting career in technology. Can you roughly tell us, how many candidates did you interview so far, also what is your usual process?

Being the part of technical recruiters panel, I am interviewing 2 to 4 candidates every month. Working with start ups gave me the opportunity to interview candidates in earlier stages of my career itself. I like to assess the technical IQ of a candidate along with the understanding of concepts. I like to go with them on the technical challenges which they have faced in their career and the ways they tried to solve it. And yes, I definitely like to know their interest in terms of technology.

If you have to hire a Front End Developer, what would you look for in a candidate during an one-on-one interview?

Object Oriented JavaScript concepts, Responsive UI development techniques, api consumption, browser compatibility, web page performance, optimization, code quality, and versioning system knowledge are something which I essentially, look for to test a candidate.

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